Don't Judge a Book by It's Contents

Lately I have been receiving polite requests to promote either a web page or a book by some author or other. I thought the following book was interesting in that it is written by an ex-minister of the gospel.

Here is an excerpt:

    "As a recanted Christian minister, the greatest loss for me, besides the lack of fellowship with people who believed the way I once did, was not being able to hear from God through the bible. You don’t lose your faith in the church, its teachings and the fount it draws its convictions and teachings from, and then go back to it for solace and direction.

    Even though I rejected the church, its teachings and its book, I still very much loved God and wanted to live by the lofty message I once preached. It became my heart’s yearning to know: how do I hear from God, how do I speak to God and how do I experience the wisdom of God’s word in the vacuum my decision left?"

Now, while I am not necessarily endorsing either the premise or the conclusion of this book, I am interested in getting feed back on what others that frequent this site may think. I am sure the author would also appreciate any constructive insights as well.

So, if this tid-bit intrigues you at all, READ MORE.

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