ExChristian.Net On Stage

Pitchu, one of the active members of the open forums, has decided to bestow on ExChristian.Net, as well as those involved with it, a huge compliment.

As some of you may already know, Pitchu is an accomplished playwright. What you may not know is that she desires to devote some of her creative talents and energies toward writing a musical stage presentation illustrating challenges faced by those who leave Christianity. It will be based on stories found right here at ExChristian.Net.

Although the characters in the musical will be creations from the writer’s imagination, the plot will revolve around experiences publicly submitted to this site.

I’ve given my permission for Pitchu to pursue this vision, and in return she has agreed to support the continuation of ExChristian.net with a portion of any compensation the musical may generate. Regardless of whether any financial gain is actually realized, I am excited about publicizing the reality of “ex-Christians” on the stage.

I believe this has become more than just a website, so with that in mind, I want to give the regular posters here an opportunity to voice their opinions on this. If, for example, someone is reluctant to have some portion of their posted stories used in this way, they should post that concern, or contact me very soon, so I can advise Pitchu.

What do you think?

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