Lee Strobel IS the GOSPEL!!!

I am tired of hearing Lee Strobel's book touted as the absolute final Christian apologetic word on logically "PROVING" the validity of the Christian religion.

When will Christians figure out that apologetic works like this are not aimed at the unconverted but are written with the intention of assuaging the doubts of the "true believer?" It is the "true believers" who buy and read nearly all apologetic literary attempts. They are written by and for people who want to believe, but are fighting with "doubts" otherwise known as having a brain.

The next time someone attempts to justify the reasonableness of their faith, and use L.S. as the foundational "reason to believe" feel free to aim them in the direction of some salient links:

The Rest of the Story (1999)

Critique of Lee Strobel's The Case for Faith (2003)

Free Advertising Isn't the Point (2000)

Objections Sustained! (2001)

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