How To Escape Religion Guilt Free

"As a dedicated believer in the word of God, I fully expected the other members of my church to be as dedicated as I was, but I quickly learned that few individuals were... I came to understand that the Bible had little power to change the inner nature of man, and none of its promises were coming to any kind of fruition."

If I didn't know better, I might be tempted to suspect Scott Stahlecker had tapped into my own mind to find his inspiration for: "How To Escape Religion Guilt Free." Of course Stahlecker is telling his own story in this book, and the quote above is his, but without a doubt his experiences parallel what many true believers begin to suspect during the course of their "walk with god." And as a personal testimony of a loss of faith, this book is a very good read.

However, he goes considerably beyond the personal, deftly documenting much of Christianity's logical inconsistencies, its lack of verifiable evidence, its contradictory doctrines, and the outright cruelty of Christianity's god. He writes as an insider; as someone who devotedly swallowed the whole elephant of Christianity, so to speak, and then was compelled by his inquisitive and analytical mind to go through the painful process of extracting that nearly digested elephant, piece by rotten piece.

Stahlecker understands the emotional pain and guilt of leaving a religion after totally committing a life to it. He writes with compassion for those still trapped in one of the innumerable variations of the Christian cult worldwide and directs his talent and energy, not toward demolishing anyone's faith, but toward confirming the mental and emotional stability of those who have begun to wake up to the very real possibility that their religion has deceived them, enslaved their minds, stolen their time, and emptied their wallets.

This is a must read for anyone who has left Christianity within the last few years, and if I may be so bold to say so, an absolute necessity for those who are considering leaving.

This is a good book. I highly recommend it.

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