Holy toast! Second Coming witnessed ... on a crumpet



WITH only faint shades of religious significance, the image of Christ has revealed itself on the toasted crumpet of a Leicestershire carpenter.

But Shaun Garrod, who witnessed the Second Coming on his snack, is an atheist who initially believed his early Christmas present was more a gift from the rock gods - thinking the apparition was the Bee Gees frontman Barry Gibb.

Mr Garrod, 31, from Ashby de la Zouch, said: "I was just toasting some crumpets and when I pulled them out to check they were okay, my brother Elliott said: ‘That looks like Jesus’.

"I thought he was messing me about but I had a glance and thought it looked like one of the Bee Gees, the one with the hair. Later in the day I had another look and I thought it did look like Jesus."

The timber recycling specialist was eating breakfast at the weekend when he made the discovery.

He said: "I took it to the pub and my mates thought it was great - one is a regular churchgoer and he thought it was divine. I have had people asking me to bless them.

"My dad asked me if it was a Sunblest product and said he had had the Pope on the phone about it."

Mr Garrod says he has no plans to cash in on Christ by following the example of an American woman who made £14,500 from selling a cheese sandwich carrying an image of the Virgin Mary. Diana Duyser, from Hollywood, Florida, sold the ten-year-old grilled cheese sandwich on eBay last week.

Mr Garrod added of his crumpet: "It has shrunk a bit now and it’s as hard as a rock."

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