Benny Hinn

Donors advised to find other ministries to support while questions of finances, unfounded claims of healings, nontransparency and other issues addressed

MATTHEWS, N.C. – Wall Watchers, through its donor empowerment Website, has issued a Donor Alert for Benny Hinn Ministries/World Outreach Church (BHM).

Benny Hinn
Evangelist Benny Hinn is controversial for his frequently aberrant - and at times heretical - theology, his unorthodox practices, and his false claims. Nevertheless, large numbers of people who indentify themselves as Christians follow - and, often, appear to worship - this preacher.

Wall Watchers’ CEO Rusty Leonard explained, “Recent facts and allegations aired on NBC DATELINE – coupled with’s previous concerns about the self-serving ‘prosperity theology’ taught by Benny Hinn – has caused to recommend that donors prayerfully consider redirecting their gifts to one of the many biblically-based ministries that are not only more transparent in their dealings with the public but also treat donor’s funds as a sacred trust dedicated exclusively for the Lord’s work.”

Included in the accusations launched by Benny Hinn critics for the DATELINE broadcast are claims that Hinn and his family enjoy a lavish lifestyle with funds intended for charitable purposes, that he preaches a fraudulent, self-serving version of the Bible, that he manipulates individuals at “healing crusades” for personal gain, that he makes unsubstantiated claims of healings, and that the ministry is nontransparent and lacks independent board oversight.

Leonard argued, “It is Hinn’s refusal to be accountable to anyone – rooted in a conveniently defiant view of accountability where he is to answer only to God since he receives extra-biblical words, hence the Word of Faith moniker – that is the primary precipitant for each of the critiques identified above. Donors deserve more and the Bible requires a higher standard. Hence, recommends that donors prayerfully consider withholding contributions to Benny Hinn. Those that oppose such action should consider that the reported exorbitant spending of the Hinn family reveals that BHM has far more money than it needs to carry out its ministry. also recommends that all Christians join with it in praying specifically that Benny Hinn and his family acknowledge their failures in the stewardship of the money entrusted to them by donors, and humbly submit themselves to a process of personal repentance and restoration.”

Download and view the Dateline video by clicking here.


cosmic-pope-fred said...

Regardless of the myriad of fakes on display there is a reality of God that sadly gets lost in the fog of deciet and trickerey.

The reason we have Popof's and Hinns running amok is that in the absence of having something valid people who have desperate need of God will accept about anything.

I have been involved with ministry for years and have seen every trick under the sun. I have also had enough experience with the real thing to know it is true.

One day these people will give account for dragging Christ name through the mud and wrecking the simple faith of millions of sincere people.

In the meantime be encouraged that God is real and through Christ we have access to know him.


Hey cosmic-pope-fred I just read you recent comment and wanted to say that I personally think christianity is a complete fraud from A-Z and it's not just because of Benny Hinn. Benny Hinn is a complete fraud and it is just mind boggling to me when I see so many people in his audience. Any clear thinking person who watches him for less than 5 minutes can tell the guy is a fraud. I find it funny though that you christians come in here and dismiss others you disagree with for not being "real christians" or worse being "sick people". I always like to think of the Hanegraff story. Hank Hanegraff is president of the christian research institute and he likes to criticise Benny Hinn as being a fraud and not being a "real christian" like he is. Meanwhile this Hank Hanegraff guy lays off half his staff at the christian research institute and then goes out and buys a multi-million dollar house in one of the most exclusive gated communities in North Carolina. You guys just crack me up! You really do!! Evangelical Christianity is nothing but mass confusion to me and you expect us to be encouraged! There is no Holy Spirit living in people. It's FAKE! Wake up MAN!! Christianity is just another form of mind control!! Oh wait I get it Hanegraff and Hinn are not real Christians like you are. They are lost. Right???

Anonymous said...

Benny Hinn and Morris Cerullo are both to FAKES. They are in it for the MONEY. Jesus is the real deal! They two crooks are NOT true followers of Christ. You lose their message in the showmanship. They are MONEY hungery false prophets. They take anvatage of the elderly and weak. They prey on the black population. Beware!

OJB said...

It seems to me that Christians will always believe what they want to no matter what the facts are. You could expose every Christian leader as a fraud and they would still believe.

That's what faith is about, and that's why I think faith is a bad thing. Although describing a person as having great faith is often a compliment, I see it as an insult. Faith is just another word for being too lazy or too tied up with religious propaganda to really think about something.

Anonymous said...

dear pope fred,finallyfree,obj all the rest,

It is really nice to be critisied but always the reality is the truth that is being propogated weather it is Benny Hinn or others what do they say it is very important i will tell you what they say it is they tell all the people to belive in the Lord Jesus Christ and they take offering just by request if it was for money then people would have paid thousands to get to the areana but there is no entry fee at all. the other thing i.e why are the critics distrubed it is because of the dark thoughts that have crowded their minds
please forgive me if i have hurt anybody but I had to tell the trurh. In a world where ther is high taxing on money , indiscriminate shoot outs, cases of lust and rape, pronography to the core etc etc I see a bright light of hope love and faith in the word of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ which is being preached by all the men of God including benny hinn whom God has choosen to show to the world that Jesus is the same yestarday today and for ever i.e. ther where signs, wonders,miracles during the days of old testmant, they where in the days of Jesus and they are very much there even today.

I want to close with one verse from the Bible

1 Chor 1:18.
For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

Please analyse the last part "POWER OF GOD"

thank you

purchased by HIM

Shikhil... (India}

boomSLANG said...

"I see a bright light of hope love and faith in the word of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ which is being preached by all the men of God including benny hinn whom God has choosen to show to the world that Jesus is the same yestarday today and for ever"

Yes, the same as yesterday, today, and forever---a LIE.

Anonymous said...

Benny Hinn makes me wonder just how lacking in education this country is. This has been a Christian nation by tradition but I think that ever since the hippy movement, parents have allowed the kids to "discover" on their own and the people that speak the loudest are the atheists, especially at colleges (some times even at private Christian colleges). There is either literal atheism or atheism by way of liberalism (to deny anything extra-ordinary ever happened and that what value there is in the Bible is derived from whatever you can learn from the "fables").

The sad irony is that at around the same time, science archeology and historians pulling all the evidence together can now put together a case for Christ, the resurrection and nearly every fact claimed in the Bible can be demonstrated to be based on at least some facts that can be proven. Of those facts that can't be proven, there are zero cases of errors discovered. Instead, people take shots at what they call "inconsistencies” where they take a few statements that apparently contradict one another and use those to “prove” that the Bible in imperfect. I have never heard of a discrepancy that was not resolved but I hear people misquoting them in the form of what become urban legends. How is that for irony?

So, who do I blame? The Pentecostalism that “evangelize” (more like indoctrinate) using all of the techniques that we are warned against as signs of the end times and the great apostasy. They teach ideas that are so full of error that people only think they have been exposed to Christ, and at some point when they realize that it does not make sense, they believe they are rejecting Christianity when in fact they are rejecting a cleverly disguised form of Satanism. You can look at it literally or as metaphor and either way, it is the same scope of lies about proclaiming to worship “Christ” through the supposedly “anointed” (if I never hear that word again that would be great for me since it is a favorite label to through around by false teachers) teacher, or bishop, whatever title they award themselves with. I have forgotten what Benny Hinn calls himself. He is the absolute worst liar I have ever seen or heard of in my lifetime. I just get so upset that so many people are fooled by him. When I first came across him on TV, I was looking in to the study of the evolution of the protestant movement and the changes that the Catholic church went through in response to it, from the time of Wesley (the start of their loss of control, because of all the missionaries that were able to finally get Bibles printed in the languages of the natives where they were evangelizing) through today. Anyway, I started looking at all sources I could find and for the first time I was devoted every day of the week rather than only doing it on the occasional Sunday. I has been an awesome trip, but my sense of perspective came to me when I found out just how corrupt the Pentecostal movement is and I recalled my first exposure to Hinn. I was not even sure he was Christian! I watched the show (it was a talk show format, I never saw his fraudulent healing until years later, about 2002 or 2003 when I started to keep an eye on TBN) and listened to him speak on various topics and there was more than a few times that I had to remind myself that he was supposed to be talking about Christ! He really has a terrible grasp on the concepts he tries to exploit. It is really awful. I struggle whenever I think about him (when I see or hear about him) and I need to pray to keep from hating him and the other corrupt deceivers on TBN. I started to keep a list of the blatant heretics that use “Word Faith” to exploit people and get them to try to “buy a miracle”. I found that more than half of the regular shows on TBN are hosted by blatant liars that use “Word Faith” to solicit donations. It turns my stomach.

webmdave said...

Anonymous said: "Science archeology and historians ... can now put together a case for Christ, the resurrection and nearly every fact claimed in the Bible can be demonstrated to be based on at least some facts that can be proven. Of those facts that can't be proven, there are zero cases of errors discovered."

Please provide some documentation to back up this remarkable claim. I imagine you've heard things like this repeated in church so many times that you are convinced, but I'd like to read a portion of the many scientific and archeological reports you mention.

I'll be waiting here for your answer.

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