The Xtian god sees everyone in either one of two catagories: saved or unsaved. Without even going into the reasoning behind the need for salvation itself, look at the relationship god has with these groups. For the saved, HE demands unquestioning obedience and submission, to the point of expecting you to kill your own child if he tells you to (AKA: Issac and Abraham). These are the people HE likes.

For the rest - about 90% of the population by fundie standards, maybe more - it's unimagineable pain and anguish for all of eternity, without hope of an end. Watching just one little girl die at the hands of a psycho is small time for GOD. HE likes dealing with entire nations, and ultimately, species.

Insofar as how Xtians themselves see it, well, here is the drill as I see it: "We're the ones that are saved, we're on God's Christmas list, so we get goodies (provided we don't think we really deserve them, or at least say we don't). Then, we go home to be with the Lord and He gives us all kinds of even better shit while we stand around the throne telling Him what a great guy He is for ever and ever. The rest of the world is damned anyway for not listening to the obvious truth of our evangelizing, so while I claim that I weep and cry for them, really it comes down to, 'screw them all' ".

While spouting the mantra that God is Love and we should all love one another, in reality God only loves HIS CHOSEN FEW. The majority of humanity is nothing more than a trophy to ruthlessly display HIS WRATH for all eternity.

Isn't that sick?

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