Oh my, I have the word of the Lord. I have heard from a messenger of the most high god. Yes, listen to me. I now know what I only suspected before. I AM AN ARSHOLE!!!!!

A self appointed representative of all that is right and good in the world felt the inspiration of the holy ghost and showered me with the following message posted to my testimony. This prophet of the MOST HIGH GOD did not post this message just once or twice. NO, this loving word of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY was posted exactly eight times. I deleted seven of the posts, as it is a terrible waste of server space, but I want to share the post here with you now.

Any word of GOD should be honored and displayed for all to see, and as a true believer in Jesus Christ the Lord of Glory, Jasine should be heard.

I quote, without changing one thing:

"you are a self righteous, pompus arshole who blames the world and especially christians for all ur trouble in life. U should take responibilty for ur actions and stop blaming Christ. Only u r responsible for ur life NO ONE ELSE.
U have choosen to walk way from christ because of ur pride and hurt that God wasnt a give me god who gave u everything u ever asked for. People in the church make mistakes and so do u. u alone are to blame for the postion u are in!!!
U choose to not come under any leadership of the church by going to lots of diffent churches and when they tried to help u, u left because ur pride was hurt.. U werent in it for christ but rather for ur self and what u could get out of God. Christianity is not about u! and wat u can get from God. It is bout u being lost in ur sin and God choosing to save u of his own free will. GOD DOES NOT OWE U ANYTHING!!!! The world does not owe u anything, I dont owe u anything. ur life is your own so grow up and take responsibilty for ur own actions and stop blaming others. The buck stops at u!"

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