The Prime Directive

for the Star Trek fans

Jesus was not really from our planet. He came from heaven, dwelt among us as a human, and returned to heaven where he is even now sitting at the right hand of the father, wherever that is. Though he presented himself in the form of a human male, he is really an altogether different life form from us. What exactly he really is, is beyond our comprehension, but with the eyes of faith we can learn to accept that HE IS, and that is enough for our small intellect. Can we can all agree on that?

In the Star Trek televsion and movie series, there is a Prime Directive that mandates non-interference with the evolution and development of primitive species, planets, cultures or civilizations by members of Star Fleet.

Jesus did not violate the prime directive.

Unlike his contemporaries in the first century, Jesus was omniscient and therefore had extensive knowledge of the following subjects

Ø Germs
Ø Disease
Ø Vaccines
Ø Sanitation
Ø Waste Disposal
Ø Sewage Disposal and Cleaning
Ø Water Purification
Ø Insecticides
Ø Electricity
Ø Combustion Engines
Ø Higher Education
Ø Democracy
Ø Fish Harvesting
Ø Television
Ø Airplanes
Ø Indoor Plumbing
Ø Advanced Farming
Ø Nutrition

The list could really be quite endless, going on and on, what with him being all knowing and such.

Instead of sharing any quality of life improving information with those he dealt amongst, even simple stuff, like how to make soap, he kept all such knowledge to himself, thereby condemning countless generations to untold suffering from crippling disease, famine, and premature death.

However, the accusation that Jesus violated the prime directive can never be cast at him.

Do you think he would he make a fine Star Fleet Officer?

Then again, since this life is totally meaningless, anything that prolongs life on earth is really a complete waste of time, so the quicker we die, the better, because then we get to be with the LORD.

I suppose that is why for over 1000 years after Christianity took a strong foothold in western society, all attempts at advancing medicine and science were either discouraged, thwarted or totally abandoned by all good Christians.

Ya Think?

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