Five Questions of Character

(author unknown)

1)If your neighbor's dog killed your child, and you had the power to chain this dog, blast him with blow torches, and the dog not die as a result, how long would you torture the dog for its terrible crime?

A) One Day
B) One Month
C) One Year
D) Eternity

2) As a loving parent, you give life to 5 children and give them free will to do as they see best. Each child goes his/her own way. One becomes a Buddhist, one becomes a follower of Islam, one becomes a Christian, one becomes a Wicca, and one believes in no religion. Only one of your children believes as you do. What would you do regarding your 4 children who do not believe the same way you do?

A) I would kill them.
B) I would disown them.
C) I would torture them for eternity in hell.
D) I would love them and accept them as they are.

3) If you had a critical message and wanted to make sure as many people as possible would get it and understand it, how would you go about it?

A) I would send it in a time when there was no mass communications, or printing presses.
B) I would have my messenger not write anything down regarding my message, trusting others to listen and pass it on accurately and
C) I would make sure what is written about my message was contradictory, and very confusing, so people would have a hard time
understanding my message.
D) I would write down a clear, non contradictory, simple book and send it with my messenger in a time of mass communication and the printing press.

4) How would you deal with people who did not get your message, or didn't understand it, or didn't believe it was your message because it was so contradictory and confusing?

A) Kill them.
B) Torture them.
C) Damn them to eternity in hell.
D) Understand, Love them and forgive them.

5) If you were omnipotent but invisible, and you wanted to make sure that people knew you were real and wanted them to believe in you, what would you do to make this happen?

A) I would write my name on the face of the moon so all could see and have no doubt of my existence.
B) I would do things that could not be explained in any other way. Like stopping terrible things from happening, like the 911 event, or
feeding all the hungry children on earth.
C) I would protect and reward those who believed in me and ignore the plight of those who do not.
D) I would do nothing at all and stay as invisible and undetectable as possible, letting everyone fend for themselves, those who believe
in me and those who don't, showing no favoritism.

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