Here are some excerpts from Bob Jones University's website about Christians who teach science.

"The Christian who labors in the field of science or science education does many things the same way that his secular counterpart does. To a great extent he uses and teaches the same facts and laws. His research equipment and instructional aids are much the same. Where, then, does the difference lie? Ironically, a major distinction is the fact that the Christian is more consistently committed to the key ingredient of the scientific method--observation--than is his unregenerate counterpart. The latter is often prone to rely more heavily on human speculations than on the data themselves, especially when they are inimical to his evolutionary-humanistic beliefs. The Christian is specially motivated to be scrupulously honest in both the recording and the interpretation of his data, for he does his work as unto the Lord rather than unto men. Other distinctives have to do with certain erroneous beliefs and practices to which the Christian does not fall victim. These will be enumerated in the section on the limitations of science (p.9) and the section on the points of conflict with the secular philosophy of teaching science (p.12)."

The thing that really gets me about this whole thing is the unsupported allegation that the Christian is completely honest while the secular counterpart is hinted at as being dishonest. In contrast to this statement I have to say that when I was a Christian I was constantly telling myself to "just have faith" when I ran into terrible contradictions with my fantastic and mythical understanding of the world ala Christianity. I always felt compelled to align everything I learned with supporting the BIBLE. If anything contradicted the BIBLE, well then I just had to throw it out as of the devil, or wrong, or whatever.

Anyway, someone has to comment on this blatant slander.

Below is a small piece of the site. The whole thing can be read for a good laugh, or cry, by clicking HERE

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