Perhaps it's my age, or perhaps it's just my taste in music, but I've enjoyed the music of "Sting" for years now. I've followed him in his career with the Police and later as a soloist. I liked him better as a soloist. I own copies of nearly all his albums, so I suppose I am a pathetic fan and not able to think critically when it comes to the singing star. I mean, I've even acquired his jazz album for crying out loud. I even liked him when he debuted as an actor in "DUNE." (I love Frank Herbert's stuff)

Anyway, now he has written and released a book where he reveals his youth and development as a person. I received it as a, (shall I admit it?) Christmas present, and I have been enjoying it immensely.

OMG..... You have to read it. The spiritual aspect of this hero of modern music parallels so much of those who frequent this site. I highly recommend it.

You won't regret the read, and even though you will be adding to the fortune of this icon of entertainment, you will also be enriching your own life.
Sting - broken music
To order on line, click the book. Have a great read.

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