Wagner-Modified Houts Questionnaire

It's been awhile since I was part of the Assemblies of God, and it appears they are getting more odd year by year. I suppose it is only natural that they develop increasingly weird programs, if for no other reason, than to stave off the boredom of banging the same old drum week after week.

In a vain attempt to reduce the mechanics of Christian service into something that ignorant parishioners can latch onto, the big book of lies (BiBLe) has been relegated to second place in favor of, shall we call it: "the scientific method?"

Well, there is no science in it, but it does make for some interesting reading.

Sure glad I got out when I did!

Here is a sample from the introduction:
GREETINGS! You are about to become involved in an exciting spiritual exercise. God has given you one or more spiritual gifts if you are a Christian, and discovering that gift or gifts will be a thrilling experience. You will be asked to answer the 125 questions found in the "Wagner-Modified Houts Questionnaire."

This spiritual gifts discovery instrument was originally suggested by Dr. Richard F. Houts, a professor in the North American Baptist Theological Seminary, in 1976. Subsequently it has been modified by C. Peter Wagner of the Charles E. Fuller Institute of Evangelism and Church Growth., and keyed in to his classic book, Your Spiritual Gifts Can Help Your Church Grow, now the best selling book in the field of spiritual gifts.

The copy you have in your hand is the fifth edition and the first complete revision of the original published version. Thousands and thousands of believers have been blessed by taking the Modified Houts Questionnaire. Constant feedback from them has enabled us to refine it to the point where it will give you a fairly accurate picture of what kind of ministry God expects you to be carrying out in your group of believers.

You can download and read the whole enchilada here: HOUTS is a HOOT!

It's good to know what we've escaped from.

A hearty thanks to Darren Mayfield for finding and sending the Hout's Hoot in to us.

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