A Poem

Speakable Joy I think therefore I am Why should you give a damn Are you jealous that I am free Free like i'm suppose to be Why is your face scary rotten green with envy Afraid of being wrong I see I am Atheist-Humanist standing tall and proud In a large crowd I stand out Because i'm also African-American I escaped mythology's slaveries I love the fact that I abolished them from my system for me Rising out of the ashes into a new birth of Ex-Christianity

Emotional the journey has become
For the first time I am actually being challenged Challenged to become a better and better and better me I am human in a human's clothing Instead of mythology's blind ass wolf with a sheep's appearance I delivered myself from the fiery pits of imagination's "heaven and hell"
Read my lips oh religious one
If you try to assimilate me again, watch will happen You will not be happy at the end of the day As you are not happy right now that I left the game

That's right all religion is game
The best pimpology around
However, I decided to leave that being state Where one is religion's hoe Being screwed around in your spirit Directly intertwined with your heart and mind Don't play me now cause I know that I know I'm not going back to mythology Atheism-humanism is what makes me realistic, happy, and what makes me grow Case closed

Keep the cross bling bling necklace for your stash I don't want it and that's that Keep the religious rhetoric for those churches better known as assimilation pointes I know you are in a nation of free speech but have some respect for others Keep the invitations to your cultic affairs to yourself I don't want to go places just to hear and see psychotic nonsense

Yea, as an African-American I would have an easy life being christian or muslim But that is not my case I live to be real, know truth, and go through life self-selflessly I don't need the "deity/villain" thing to breathe and live life Nor do I need it to deal with any pain, tragedy, misery or strife I have me and that's all I need You think that without your cult, I am nothing Well, you're wrong Without your cult, I am everything you wished you could be and more I am a freethinker so hear me roar and see me soar

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