Family invites people to see Virgin Mary, Jesus on rock

from WKYC-TV Cleveland, OH

JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- A Stark County man thinks he may have a miracle sitting in his garden.

He says images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary mysteriously appeared on two of his garden rocks this week.

It’s hard to miss the Hartman’s house in Jackson Township. It’s surrounded by a white picket fence. And it has a beautiful garden complete with a miniature train track.

It was in the garden that Robert Hartman said he made a miraculous discovery.

Hartman says he was “tinkering around” when he saw the image of Virgin Mary on a rock. Then another stone caught Hartman’s eye. He says it bears an image of Jesus. He says it’s a sign from god.

The other thing that’s so interesting about these rocks is that one of them has a dark patch. It’s actually a film or oil-like substance. And it has a very distinctive smell. In fact, it smells like flowers.

Hartman’s mother, Ethel, told Channel 3 News the night before the images appeared, a mysterious flash of light awakened her.

“It woke me up because the lights came on up in back,” said Ethel. “And it shined right on my bed.”

The next day when her son showed her the images on the rocks, she was convinced it was a sign from god.

Ethel Hartman is a devout Catholic and prays the rosary up to 15 times a day. She says she doesn’t know why the lord chose to create the images in her yard, but she’s thankful nonetheless.

The Hartman’s welcome anyone who’s interested in seeing the rocks. They live just outside Massillon, in Jackson Township. There house sits at the corner of Amhearst and Traphagen Street.

A video clip is temporarily available HERE.


Anonymous said...

The miracle of miracles of the Virgin Mary was televised on July 11, 2006 by WKOW TV in Madison, Wisconsin. "Madison area man shares miracle rock". The multi- faceted image stupefying and awe inspiring in all its wonder and sanctity.

Anonymous said...

La Comunidad Newspaper Inc. Madison, Wisconsin, December 7, 2006 published an incredible article and astonishing image of the apparition of the Virgin Mary found in the Himalaya. Residente de Madison, Jigme Shakabpa shares his late father's story and beleives that the peace of the world must begin with spirituality with an effort towards compassion through the example of the Virgen Maria.

webmdave said...

Here's the story:

It's from July

It's a symbol so sacred to him, a Madison man does not want his identity revealed, but at the same time, wants to share what he considers a miracle - a rock, with the image of the Virgin Mary.

His Tibetan Father found it in the early 80's in a riverbed at the Foothills of the Eastern Himalayas.
''He would pull it out from his safe, rub his hands over it, kiss it and I do remember him saying whenever he did that he would have peaceful dreams of lambs and ancient ships.'' He said.

He has showed the rock to less than 5 people since his father left it to him when he passed away in 1992. Now, he wants the world to see it.
''If it can help humanity in whatever measure through the miraculous powers of the Virgin Mary, then she has spoken to the World.'' He said.'' I believe it has healing powers, it can move people to do good and bring about a peaceful World.''

He says he would consider displaying the rock at a museum, but you won't see it on ebay. He believes it would be immoral to sell it. photo | story link

Anonymous said...

Looks like the ole boy has a bad case of the scours, must have been eating too many camel cakes and vinegar....uck

Anonymous said...

Interesting that there are no paintings or pictures or descriptions of what mary would have looked like, if she had lived. Yet, people are able to magically associate a figure they find, to an unknown form of Mary. Sounds to me, like someone is taking their ideal of a Mary and imposing it on a rock - makes one wonder which of the two are the rock. The earth goddess (adopted later as Mary), has been around much earlier than christianity. The first drawing/sketch of a christian Mary is currently dated no earlier than 4th Century C.E.

Anonymous said...

This one image of the Virgin Mary, I have to say is different and quite astonishing unlike all of the other miracle images on edibles, like VM on sandwich and fish stick etc. The holder of the rock seems to have good intent with no ill meaning, that to me is as important as the apparition image itself.

webmdave said...

I don't think the relative sincerity of this devotee is the issue here.

The issue is incredulity.

Anonymous said...

The Isthmus, Madison's premier local newspaper 12/22/06 weekly issue or see covered this fascinating miracle story.

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