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Well, thought I would look at some history and see what the predictions were for the Fundies about ten years ago... The U.S. Army War College published an article "How Vulnerable is the U.S." within the Strategic Studies Institute... So, ten years ago...


"The threat posed by fundamentalist religious groups of all faiths cannot be discounted. Not only Islamic extremists, but other "true believers" of a variety of faiths are likely to engage in terrorist acts against American targets. These groups might be supported or joined in their operations by domestic religious extremists. In addition, they might also seek alliances with a variety of cultists, survivalists, or neo-fascists who, for their own reasons, reject the existing social, economic, and political order and await their own versions of Armageddon."

One could say hindsight is 20/20, but there are many sharp people who knew the threat, but like many things, no politician wants to spend money unless they have public backing... and obviously not too many politicians thought the threat was great enough to poll the public for support... and then... 9/11...

Faith based Theocracy sucks, because the Leaders of this Nation are to Not Only LEAD the Nation, But They were Elected By The People, and For The People, and Should Follow The Majority... A Leader Must Lead by Following the Collective Conscience of the Nation... There is nothing worse than to live in a Country where the Minority have Total Control... that would be like living in... lets say... Iraq a few years ago... I am sure we aren't thinking of moving in that direction, or are we... We are at war with Iraq's Fundamentalists because the Citizens weren't strong enough to fight them off... however, I think that's why we have the Right to Bear Arms... We may not have that problem, if there were the attempt at a U.S. coupe by Domestic Fundamentalists... Maybe that's what happened to JFK... makes one wonder... Things to think about...

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Anonymous said...

I am shocked at how the average American lack of total intelligence and common sense!
Not only is the average American a brain washed media, materialistic Junkie.
They propagate and worship idiots with no question of moral alignment.

There way is the best way, They think they live in a free country I have never ever understood why the average American can not see the slave state spun over there eyes and the fools, worship it and propel it to the sorry state it is now in.
Spun on lies and pure Bull shit the lot of it.

Even the president has a shady past no one in there right mind would vote him into power if they got of there fat burger munching, material hording asses and learned the truth about there controlling state, granted most is propelled by a very messed up ideal of Christianity.
The churches for Christian kids to prepare them for fundamentalist type wars is just simply sick, no better then 3rd world BS.

There is power in America and it is turning the state into Shit?
Why well the seat of power, once America is fucked it will have a domino effect on the rest of the world.

Is it for Christianity?
Who knows, what we do know is the Average American is simply to stupid to see the shit on his front garden.
So stupid in fact he propagates the crap and feeds it.

If you think Iraq is liberated and on the road to peaceful ness you are very much a product of the media white washed crap you get spun to you every day, for the glory of the nation, oh the fucking glory of the nation, wake up idiots, your only fucking yourselves in the long run.

Iraq is turning into a new IRAN, which equals a lot more shit for you stupid Americans who buy the political BS spun to you.

Also research 911 it is so fucked up it is unreal.
You really think a man in a cave (the video of ossma is not even him, claiming the deed learn!) 911 served the American politicians more then you could ever imagine. Another means to keep you idiots in chains and spin the shit out of public safety. Only way to stop terrorism is to keep the fuck out of other ppls affairs, there simple aint it? Not to Americans it aint for some messed up reason, world domination was the product of the Nazis was it not? (fascist state is what the county is slowly becoming and you think your free, if your free why does the news reflect the pure BS spread from the top).

Don’t talk about 911, think of the victums, I think the families should know the truth!
And the truth of now is so riddled with holes only a true fool would not question it.

You really think a plane can be hijacked and not taken out in the length of time it was in the sky?
You county really that backward?

Also what happened to building 3, seems to have been cut out on the actual news footage, why did that fall?

911 is just part of it.

There is tons going on in America that is too messed up and looks like science fiction, truth or not, it is one fucked up nation, that gets worse and worse the more it gets.

Also the skull and bones, society your president was a part of saw all ppl not in that society nothing but animals, rich coming from your Leader, you only an animal.

Not to mention the drug references to his father and his oil company cover up BS.

Watergate also involved the father.

You put in Leaders without doing research bred on media and white washed shit, then you follow it like fucking idiotic lemmings.

Your no better then the twats in the top postions, ignorant and stupid, sadly it is on mass.
An epicdemic.

Do some research on prozac and murders attributed to it.

Do some research on the truth about ADHD another made up piece of controlling crap to limit the minds of now the young.

And you buy it all, oh how you fucking love to buy.


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