7 E-Z Steps to get a handy collection of Bible Contradictions and Problems

1. Select either the pdf or the html format. (pdf will look better, but take longer to load. You also need Acrobat Reader to open PDF files. Acrobat Reader is free and can be downloaded here)

2. Click on the Side 1 Button of your chosen

3. Print out the resulting page.

4. Take the printed paper out, flip it over, and stick it back into your paper feed, top end in first.

5. Press "Back" to return here, press the Side 2 button and print to get the others side.

6. Cut out and fold along the blue lines.

7. Place in wallet, and enter argument

Side 1 in .pdf

Side 2 in .pdf

Side 1 in .html

Side 2 in .html

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