Second Visit to Cabazon Dinosaurs

by Carol

My first trip to the Cabazon Dinosaurs was October 5, 2005, and posted on October 6. These were featured in an article the Webmaster posted on September 11 of this year and was titled "Did T-rex graze in the Garden of Eden?"

Yesterday, November 1, I took another trip there as the self proclaimed "roving reporter" for ExCristians. Hope you don't mind WM Dave.

It was pretty much the same, although I had hoped they would have added more fun creationist displays, such as Native Americans frolicking with the dinos.

The first display as one enters the gift shop was still the little knights jousting with dinos. I looked at it more carefully this time. Two knights fighting the largest dino were clearly winning and had their jousting sticks, or whatever they are called, stuck into him. However, the other knights appeared to be losing to thier dinos. So it seemed to be a fair and well balanced fight.

Up the stairs I went and looked again at the glass fronted display cases. The first case still had a wooden dino skeleton in it and rock with some fossils embeded in it. I quoted one page of text accompanying this display in my Oct 6 report and here is the other page of text shown with this display (punctuation and caps all exactly as they were written):

" young-age creation theory, the fossil record can be divided into three parts; a portion found before the Flood (Precambrian), a portion found during the Flood (Cambrian through Cretaceous) and a portion found after the Flood (Tertiary-present.)

-most fossils in Flood sediments were probably of pre Flood organisms transported long distances by the waters of a global flood.

-fossils were buried in an order reflecting the spectrum of pre Flood environments.

-in the post Flood world, sediments were burying organisms at the same time that they were diversifying.

Young-age creationists, then, would be expected to show the consistant global change seen in the rock columns.

-because of the more rapid burial, fossils should be more common and better preserved in young-age creation theory.

-young-age creation theory would also expect few fossils in the right place to be evolutionary transitional forms and more diverse among fossils from the very begining.

The fossil records seems more consistant with these expectations that with the corresponding expectations of evolutioinary theory." Excert from Kurt Wise, "Faith, Form and Time," 2002

Really a bunch of gobbledy-gook. The next display had pix of dinos, a world map, etc, and tried to explain that plate techtonics happened faster than science indicates due to the rate of rainfall during the Flood.

More nonsense.

The store had a lot less mechandise than it did a month ago. The four sided book rack was the most indicative, it only had about a dozen or so dino coloring books, just dinos, no people with them. There was one other lone coloring book titled "God Made All People" with a rainbow of children on the cover: pink, brown, yellow, black, etc. I didn't bother looking at it, though, didn't want to throw up. No more creationist books, either, just a couple other picture books of animals, plants, etc.

The rest of the store, as previously mentioned, contains mostly dinos toys and stuff like that, but much less of it than before. I did notice this time a section containing plastic knight gear such as helmets, shields and swords that nobody seemed to be buying.

As I walked throught the store the same tired video was playing as was last time. It discussed how dinos are still alive all over the world and in up coming tapes, the narrator would show us this. Of course, you had to purchase the next tapes. Then it went on to talk about how satan is trying to fool us with false evidence he planted and how we should know what god wants by some analogy about how if you ask your kids to clean their room and you come back later and it is not done, look out. Blah, blah, blah.

On the walls of the little gift shop there were several quotes posted and this was my personal favorite:

"Nowhere was Darwing able to point to one bona fide case of natural selection having actually generated evolutionary change in nature......Ultimatly, the Darwinian theory of evolution is no more no less than the great cosmogenic myth of the 20th century." Michael Denton, "Evolution: A Theory in Crisis," 1986

As I was preparing to leave, I went to the glass case under the cash register where before there had been a display showing Noah and the gang loading dinos onto the ark with the other beasties. I was stunned, it was gone! I so wanted a better look! Inside the case was now a selection of telescopes. WTF? I was baffled.

There is a church nearby that I think might belong the owners. It is a dump and has hand written signs and junk all around. The gift shop is the main source of income as far as I know and it appears the whole place is going down hill fast and has lost much of it's popularity. Hard to tell, though, at mid day during the week. Hopefully the idiots that bought it will go broke and lose it.

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