10 Things I Hate About Commandments


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That is awesome!

Ian said...

When Samuel L. Jackson showed up, I almost wet my pants. This is great!

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What is so hilarious about atheists is that after telling you thre is no God to tell us what to do...THEY want to start telling YOU what to do!

And, at the same time, pretend that they aren't telling anybocy what to do!



Deamond said...

Funny thing a bout Bible movies is, they tend to leave out some stuff. Like, I don't recall seeing Charlton Heston ordering his troops to murder every single living thing in a village, except the little girls who they could keep for themselves as sex slaves. And they seemed to have left hout the part where Jehovah "Hardened" the Pharoah's heart (basically posessed pharoah against his will just when he was about to release the hebrewes, just so that he could send more plagues).

I wouldn't mind seeing a movie where Jesus curses a tree for not having fruit or forces a desperate Gentile woman to call herself a dog.

Although, I think I did actually see a movie called "Mary Mother of God" where Jesus (The guy from Batman Begins and American Psycho) disrespected his oun mother.

They tend to leave that stuff out of children's books, too, don't they?

Deamond said...

To Anonymous (The second guy who called himself Anonymous, not the first guy... See? this is why I like to use an online name. Never mind...)

Oh, like you're so perfect.

Here's something to think about; A teenager steals a ferari for a joyride. He gets caught. The Judge (who is possibly insane) gives him this punishment; he must pay the ouner $50, and he must then serve cominuty service as a taxi driver, in THAT ferari! That is, his punishment is to continue to oun and use the car he stole.

Does that sound fair to you?

Then read Dt 22;28 and 22;29.

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