Testimony post script: Five Questions


I submitted a testimony on Aug. 7-05.

I read every day on this site and have been amazed by the superior thinking ability of some of you. I never have been able to concentrate for long periods of time on academic pursuits, but some of the regular posters here mesmerize me to the extent that when I see their names, I can't turn the computer off till I have scrutinized every word of their posts.

I have a couple of questions for you. You are probably already familiar with my philosophy, but I would like to find out whether those as smart as some of you are, agrees or disagrees with my basic assumptions about life. I have already done the natural selection thing here many times, the natural process that brings us to the top of the food chain and made us the smartest species on, at least this planet.

These are the questions:

1. If a mother sacrifices her life for her children, is that love?

2. If a man finds a mate who has all of the physical and intellectual characteristics that he desires, is that love?

3. Since we as humans have obeyed nature and multiplied to the extent that we are poisoning this planet in an effort to try to feed everybody and give them a Ford or Toyota, isn't it enough for me in my retirement years, and with my limited income, to just trust that the problems of starvation, diseases, warfare, pollution, will take care of themselves, just like they always have, by millions of people dying, and becoming fertilizer?

4. As I have become totally convinced that all religions are manmade (And pretty silly and ridiculous at that), is there something wrong with me for not having a "God Hole" in my psyche anymore, and for feeling more normal, and less apprehensive than I have ever felt since childhood?

5. Is there something wrong with me because I don't want to hurt anyone, steal anything, or lie about anything, and for me to just want to be as happy here on earth as I can possibly be, using whatever talents I possess, as long as I, obey the law, don't jeopardize the health and welfare of anyone else on purpose?

Any one! Please feel free to make any comment you like. I will not be offended, just entertained, and enlightened!

Dan (Who says no to all five questions)

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