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Hello everybody,
I'd like you to know about this workshop coming right up. Feel free to call me and discuss. 510-292-0509
Marlene Winell

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A weekend intensive for moving beyond religious indoctrination and reclaiming a life of joy, creativity, and connection. Led by Marlene Winell, Ph.D.

This workshop is for “recovering fundamentalists” or anyone who has left an authoritarian belief system and would like to accelerate their personal growth. I believe these belief systems foster separation – from the self, from others, and from the world. After leaving, a major task is to heal and strengthen these connections. Recovery requires developing a healthy relationship with yourself, which includes respect for your own worth, trust in your own intuitive wisdom, and expression of your own creativity. New frameworks and new skills are also needed for deep connections with others, as well as engaging with the world in the here and now. “Spirituality” needs to be reexamined.

The weekend is a powerful group experience of sharing deeply, exploring liberating concepts, and supporting each other in trying new things. In addition to discussion, we will use experiential methods including art, guided visualization, movement, and role-play. There will also be time for shared meals, relaxation, and fun. Because we are staying together, we will have the chance to get acquainted and begin a lasting support system beyond the weekend. As a special bonus, we will have massage treatments available. The weekend will begin with a talent night and party.

WHEN: FRIDAY, July 28, 7PM - SUNDAY, July 30, 3PM.

WHERE: Elmwood part of Berkeley, CA

COST: $320 for the workshop, $120 for housing and meals. Total: $440
A deposit of $100 will secure a space.
Early registration discount: $20 (Full payment by July 15)

To register or request information, send an email to with your contact information and a bit about why you want to attend. You will receive more details and a registration form. You can also call 510-292-0509. Register soon to save a place. Group size is limited by design.

About Dr. Winell: Marlene Winell is a psychologist and Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies. She grew up in a fundamentalist missionary family, spent some years as a "born-again" Christian, and then went through her own recovery and growth process. She has worked in human services for 30 years and specializes in helping clients who are recovering from religious indoctrination. She is the author of Leaving the Fold: A Guide for Former Fundamentalists and Others Leaving Their Religion. Her private practice in Berkeley, CA. includes counseling individuals, couples, and groups. She also consults by telephone.
Tel. 510-292-0509

Comments from previous participants:

“A wonderful retreat. I will never be the same.”

“Loved it. The exercises combined with the discussions really created a dynamic experience for me. The openness and the welcoming atmosphere made it easy and comfortable for me to share my thoughts and emotions.”

“Wonderful weekend! The tools, especially the monster/child/adult metaphor, and how to integrate and deal with it were very helpful. I enjoyed all the others: a talented, loving, real and compassionate group of people…I have been enriched.”

“This retreat is a great way to connect with others and reaffirm that you are not alone in your healing process. We were able to identify our own hidden issues through others stories. Marlene provides a supportive, nurturing environment to validate and affirm each participant, regardless of their stage in religious recovery.”

“Enjoyed your sense of humor. Really felt your connection with us. You created a safe environment for us with your unassuming approach and kind demeanor.”

“You understand, you love us through it, you give us real tools to use, you accept non-judgementally, thank-you!”

“Marlene is skilled, intuitive and informed. She has a gentle but firm way of guiding a person through the healing steps and skill building needed for coping with the negative aspects of religious upbringing.”

“You were very empowering. I want to feel empowered rather than helpless and so many other programs (12 steps) make you feel helpless.”

“I would come again without hesitation.”

“Retreat is worth it. Lots of guidance and nurturance will be provided if you can just get yourself to the retreat. Get yourself to the retreat and much else will fall into place.”

“I have since realized that my life is filled with promise and potential and that I have the necessary resources to make it (whatever it is) happen.”


blaine said...

I would love to go, but do you ever get up in the Seattle area? Your workshop sounds like a place where tremendous healing could take place-even for those who were not of the fundamental background.

Steven Bently said...

Well hun, I'm sure you're doing a great service in your area and I applaud you. But so many of us live on the east coast, and it's just not practical for many of us to go to your seminar.

All we have is this great website and a few others, like www.godis

I think this website has helped so many to see that they are not alone and they get to read our experiences and can relate and so many say they have experienced the very same thing as we, I know there's still few struggling to let go of the brainwashing cult, and there are a few that this website has become a personal threat to them, by the vicious hatred and venom that they spread, those are the one's that really need someone's help, and I'm not sure anyone can help them because they do not perceive that they need help, but we sure can tell who they are.

You certainly have a big task ahead of you, just as this website has a big task ahead of it, one must realize that they have a problem before it can be addressed, and the preachers are telling all their sheep that they are walking in the light of jesus, and that is just exactly what they want to hear.

I wish you well and all the total success and happiness that you desire.

Keep up the good work.

Your's in truth, Ben

Anonymous said...

Maybe you ought to do seminars around the country? I'm sure they would do just fine.

beepbeepitsme said...

“Any hope that America would finally grow up vanished with the rise of fundamentalist Christianity. Fundamentalism, with its born-again regression, its pink-and-gold concept of heaven, its literal-mindedness, its rambunctious good cheer... its anti-intellectualism... its puerile hymns... and its faith-healing... are made to order for King Kid America.” Florence King

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