Lifejackets and a white building in Australia

by Ian

Dreams are interesting things. Sometimes they're random, sometimes they're cool. Sometimes they can bring us happiness, and sometimes they can bring us crushing despair.

But sometimes...they can have a message or two to bring us.


Can dreams give us messages that can help us in our everyday life? Is it possible that dreams can give us answers that we're looking for, or just something to help us along and encourage us?

As a spiritual person and ex-Christian, I enjoy finding what I like to call "Spiritual tidbits", little sayings or sentences that can inspire you and help you when you're in a troubled period of my life. I've searched books, the Internet, movies, and everything in-between for these tidbits that can help me in my life. Surprisingly, three of the most recent came from my dreams.

I dream fairly often and enjoy writing my dreams down to enjoy later on. As one can imagine, my dream archive is quite massive after a year of writing them down. Out of hundreds of dreams however, only three have been so powerful, so moving and so compelling that I can remember them without even having to look them up. That's what I would like to share with you today is those three dreams, and the messages they have given, that have profoundly moved me. I'll start in the order I got them, from oldest to newest.

Can dreams really be message bringers in disguise? I think it may be so.

The hallway

I was walking through a corridor with many, many doors. Picture the service hallway from the matrix reloaded and you have a good idea about what it was like. Within each door was a classroom where people were studying religions and various belief systems. Everything was pure white. The walls, the floor, he desks, the chairs, everything.

Finally, I got to the end of the hallway. There was a single door there, and there was a being of light there, waiting for me. The being did not identify him/herself, but I got the strong impression that it was Jesus. I got the impression that God was beyond that door.

I looked at the door, and the being said something. Here, the details are a little fuzzy. The being either said...

1. There is only one way for both of us.


2. There is only one way for all of us.

And what was that way? The being did not say, but I got the very distinct impression that the way through the door was love. The being did not try to attract attention toward itself. It did not say "I am the way." or "I am the savior." I was shown the door, told there was one way through it, and I got the impression that the way through was love.

The message of this dream: Love is the way to God. Not giving your life to Jesus, not being a Christian. Love.

Judgment by a child

This is hands down the most powerful feeling dream I've ever had, especially the feelings of knowing that my entire life was being judged.


I was going to Australia with my Boy Scout troop (I'm an assistant scoutmaster). We went into the deepest, thickest jungles and I outran a Tyrannosaurus Rex that chased us. We all then reached an opening in the jungle and there were two things in this clearing. To the right, a long path that said "one way only" To the left was a white building with a door in it.

Curious to see what was down the "one way" road, I started walking down it. I didn't get very far before seeing several buildings were people were shot out painfully, and endlessly, into the ground, over and over and over. Needless to say, I quickly turned tail and got out of the as fast as I can.

After crossing over the parking lot I reached the doorway leading into the white building. All of the other scouts, young and old had already gone inside with a giant smile on their face. I was the only one left. as I walked up to the door, a small boy, maybe six years old, stepped in front of me. He was smiling and seemed friendly enough.

Then he said, "Tell me why you deserve to come in here."

I should explain that I had sensed what this building was and that inside were the most wonderful things anyone could ever think of. You could enjoy them over and over as long as you wanted, and you never had to leave.

It should be obvious however, looking at the path and the sign, that this was heaven and the other road hell.

So now I had to answer the question, "Tell me why you deserve to come in here." Fortunately, I didn't hesitate or think for very long. I don't remember exactly what I said, but it was something like this:

"I tried to go through my life helping other people and making other people happy. Take Bobby from my troop (not his real name by the way). I know he's had a hard life and whenever I'm with him I try to make him smile and make him feel better."

"Did you every buy lunch for him? He does scavenge for food. Have you ever bought lunch for him?"

That made me stop.

", I didn't. But I think that means that trying to make everyone feel better is the first step in helping someone, and that going out of your way to do something very important is the best thing you can do."

The little boy nodded and smiled.

At that point, I didn't have much else to say. So I concluded with this:

"I tried to live the best life I could. I've done things that I'm not proud of and that I'm sorry I did. But as I got older, I tried to learn from my mistakes and become a better person."

I waited a few moments, to see if I would get in. My feelings of dread and fear were higher then I can ever recall feeling, in a dream or in the real world. Knowing that one's eternal destination is being decided in one moment can make you very worried indeed (that is, if you believe in that kind of thing).

Then the young boy smiled and opened his hand toward the door.

And then I went in.

Message of this dream: Deeds, not creeds, are the most important thing in your life


In this dream I was alone on a boat and there was a chest full of life jackets on the deck. Opening it up, I picked one and put it on, but it was too small. Though the details of what happened next are sketchy, I think it went like this:

A voice said "It's too small, correct?"


"Then put it back and pick up another one." I did and it fit me perfectly. "These jackets are like belief systems." The voice said. "They are different sizes and fit different people. What fits someone else may not fit you. There is something for everyone."

Message of this dream: There's a thought/belief system out there for everyone, whether it be Christian, agnostic, or Buddhist. What fits you may not fit another person and vice versa.


So there you have it. Three dreams. Three out of hundreds, if not thousands we have every month, every year. But these dreams, unlike the untold others, have messages that we can use in our everyday lives.

1. The way to God is through love
2. Your deeds are more important then your creeds
3. There is a thought/belief system for everyone. What may work for you may not work for someone else and vice versa.

Were these dreams, and the messages they gave me genuine? I would like to think so. The messages they gave to me have certainly helped me. Who knows, maybe they can help someone who is struggling to find something that can help them on the spiritual path, or life in general.


Lenasvn1 said...

Very interesting.

As for myself, I've probably spent too much time being upset with for ex. christianity. Focusing on the wrong thing in other words.

When I focus on the ways my heart want to express that "spiritual" part of myself I feel enpowered! When I do this, there's no need to pick on other "birds",,,LOL!

I think you pretty much nailed it in your post. It's the deeds and love. There are things I've experienced in my life where there's no way I can deny the excistence of a Power. But naming it, boxing it in- nah- that's like caging a wild animal, the spirit if that animal dies, it becomes a mere shadow of it's true self. Unjustified.

Anonymous said...

Interesting dreams. I agree with you; dreams can be meaninful.

For what I've been reading, during the profound relaxion that occurs when we are sleeping, our brain gets the chance to put together thoughts that are lingering in our minds, to answer questions we have been asking ourselves.

I wouldn't be surprised if, at the time you had the dreams, you had been wondering about those issues when you were awake.

My dreams are dramatic stories that, when analyzed, show me enlightening truths about myself, so I appreciate my dreams.

Anonymous said...

Nice dreams,

I like the idea that 'love' is what it's all about and I can identify with the previous comment about 'too much time' being spent on the 'ex' (tian) that is. Alas, for me debunking the 'ex' has been my full time job for the last six years. And here is my problem or dilemma...

I doubt very much whether the actual contents of fundamentalist Christianity will:
(a) ever lead to a loving existence (socially or of oneself)
(b) ever capitulate to examples of love that are not exclusively linked to these contents.
There can be little doubt given the testimonies on this site that the culture of fundamentalism actually produces much hatred. Therefore, I wonder if it is not equally important to spend one's time exposing truth, as it is to sharing love. In some ways the two are inextricably linked. However, there are times when seeking truth and exposing lies inevitably encroaches on time to love. At these times (like my current time and perhaps 'lot' in life) I honestly don't know which is the greater act of love - buying the boy in your dream a meal, or exposing the culture that keeps him impoverished and teaching him to hunt for himself?

Best, with your journey


Anonymous said...

Great Story!

Anonymous said...

To all,

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The only good thing about this site is reading the pointless and just mean arguments between the atheists babies and the christian retards.

Anonymous said...

James, this is a site for ex-christians. I think you were looking for a narcissists' support group and got sidetracked. Just Google "malignant narcissism" and read all about yourself. BTW, there's no known cure.

Anonymous said...

"Yeah, join the club. Everyone has been hurt. Move on, be proactive. I did searches and a lot of you spend a LOT of time here. Go outside and have a life. Stop living in the past of retard Christian bull shit and move on, start over."

What a nasty son of a bitch. You sound like the trashy guys with tatoos all over and who normally pick up fights at the bar and spend the night in jail.

Geez! If we are angry you are the personification of it. You, obviously, have unresolved issues.

Anonymous said...

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