Premise #1: The God in the Bible is real because the Bible says so.
Premise #2: The Bible is true because the God in the Bible says so.
Premise #3: If you have any questions or doubts, see premise #1.

Naturally I recognize that this is an oversimplification of the matter, but none-the-less, this simple list, to a large degree, succinctly encapsulates the only Christian “proofs” of God’s existence and involvement with humans.

While a Christian,I demanded irrefutable proofs for what I considered the outrageous allegations and claims of Evolutionists and Atheists. Why did I not demand the same type of evidence for the even more remarkable claims of the supernatural made by the Bible?

My thought process seems so much clearer now than it was when the “eye of faith” guided me. There can really be only one explanation as I look back in retrospect: I believed what I wanted to believe. In some measure, I chose to believe the Bible because it gave me a sense of security, purpose and control over reality that is not available in an existential worldview.

Whether or not I now have something better than Christianity to offer is not ultimately relevant to this discussion. What is relevant is that I be honest with myself by demanding the application of the same type of irrefutable proof criteria to the claims of religionists as are routinely expected of scientists.

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