There are three real Christians now!

I made a challenge some weeks back saying that there are no real Christians and that I could prove it. The article for the premise is here.

In a nutshell I quoted Jesus where he is purported to have commanded his followers to give to everyone who asks of them, without reservation. I also prove through very words of Jesus that the motives of the asker are not to be considered in deciding whether or not to obey the command to give. The only option for the true believer is obedience to the words of his GOD.

Anyway, I only asked for $10.00 to make the stinginess and disobedience of Christians even more striking by their ignoring a plain simple command, when it affects the pocket.

I expected to receive absolutely nothing. However, I was wrong. My sister sent $10.00, someone sent a donation through Pay Pal for $10.00, and another contacted me with an interesting challenge to give to charity and he would match funds with whatever I gave. So, I contacted that person and said I would give $100.00 to MDA. He in turn said he would match my donation, and send me the $10.00 I originally asked for in the aricle referenced above.

True to his word, I did receive his check. I am waiting for it to clear now, though I have no reason to doubt that it will. I already paid my share to MDA, and as soon as the check clears I will forward his donation on as well.

This man claims Christ, but is presently between churches. Isn’t it odd that an ex-Christian would have such influence on a Christian as to motivate generosity? On the other hand, is it vice-versa?

I need some feedback on this one! Any takers?

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