The Big 'O'

Here is a question for the Christians reading this:

What is the point of a woman's orgasm, and why would a dedicated Christian woman ever have them?

In Christian theology, it is understood that sex is only for procreation, and any other uses of the sexual function is rooted in lust and hedonism. To propagate the race the man must ejaculate his seed deep into the woman' s body, therefore it is imperative that the man have an orgasm, as this is how it works. However, the woman need not experience such a base lust-filled feeling at all. True she must endure the distastful prospect of having an aroused lusty nude man penetrating her womanhood with his blood engorged erect stiff member. She may even have to tolerate his semen filled testicles as they slap somewhat violently against her sensitive anal tissue. Her vagina needs to open wide and be well lubricated in order to limit the damage to it by the onslaught of impassioned deep thrusts as the man endeavors to reach climax, and finally fills her vagina and uterus with his load of life giving sperm.

We all know this is how people are made. But there is absolutely no reason for the woman to enjoy any of it. She must submit to her husband as the good book says, of course. We need to continue the race until the Second Coming of Christ, after all. But, are base lustful waves of orgasm something a Christian woman should seek?

Since there is no real procreative reason for woman to orgasm, other than for the sake of pleasure, then I would suggest that Christian women who have orgasms are sinning.

Hedonism is the pursuit of pleasure for its own sake. Masturbation is a sin, because it is not the proper use of the sexual function for procreation, it is seeking to feel good by climaxing. So, it stands to reason that having an orgasm, when unnecessary, is nothing more than a fancy form of masturbation.

Let's look at it another way.

In order for most women to have an orgasm, they or their partner must basically masturbate the clitoris to bring the woman to climax. Very few women can have an orgasm from the simple thrusting of a rock hard penis into their vagina. A considerable amount of thought and creative stimulation is needed for the majority of women to arrive at the point orgasmic euphoria.

So, since stroking my erect penis to climax is considered "Onanism", or perhaps pure hedonistic sin, then it can be argued by using the same logic, that touching or stimulating a clitoris just to achieve base lustful pleasure is likewise unadulterated hedonistic sin seeking.

Enjoying sexual pleasure merely for the end result of having an orgasm is the lust of the flesh and hedonism. It is also fun. It definitely feels great. It relieves tension and stress. It occupies so much of human thought, art and music. Yet to a Chrisitan it is merely empty worldly pleasure?

What do you think?`

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