You are OBVIOUSLY...

Let's see, how many times in my life have I heard that opener? In fact how many times in anyone's lifetime do they have to tolerate the quick harsh judgments of others?

This last one came from an atheist I know. I wouldn’t say I am friends with this person, but we do know each other and see each other around town from time to time. This person happened to run across ExChristian.NET, and figured out who the Webmaster is.

The comment out of this fine upstanding atheist was not in any way encouraging. In fact, rather than just saying nothing at all, I got to hear, "You're obviously a new atheist. Your writing is so vitriolic. A seasoned atheist (like me) really doesn't have that much interest in the topic anymore."

Well thank you very much for your heartfelt, albeit rude and unsolicited, comments!

Okay, so what is my point in writing about this? I was a Christian for years and now I am an atheist. I was extremely interested in exploring Christianity when I was a Christian and now I am very interested in delving into my present position on religion. A more accurate assessment would be to accuse me of being a bit compulsive when it comes to things that really interest me, regardless of what those things may be.

Now I admit I have this website up, which attracts some small bit of attention from it's name and content. I even provide a way for visitors to respond to anything on the site in a variety of ways. It seems to some that I even hate or dislike Christians or religious people, which is very far from the truth. People are people and none of us have all the answers to life.

That is my point with this rant right now. Since it is OBVIOUS that none of us know it all, so to speak, I submit that tolerance is the key to advancing the human race another generation or two into the future. Philosophies, governments, or religions which advocate the destruction of apposing viewpoints, under the flag of defending some supposed "truth" are exhibiting nothing more than self-justified prejudice.

Now let me be clear on something. Discussion, argument, communication, and debate should never be stifled. Freedom of speech, thought and expression should be overwhelmingly maintained and promoted. If not, another Dark Ages will surely descend upon us.

So let me make this request of both religious and non-religious who happen upon this site: Discuss the ideas, the beliefs and the conclusions put forth on these pages, but try and leave the subjective motive or maturity assessments somewhere else.

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