Let's Play!!!!

Let's face it, we have all played this game before. We were either on one team or another, and we always wanted to win!

How about leaving some names for this game, and/or some rules in the comments section! Isn't this fun? If we do well, maybe we could market it!

"Most people are religious, so assume it is true."

Being a martyr
Argument by cut'n'pasting huge reams of dense text.
"You're scared of God, and want science to rescue you."

"God is the cause of existence; things exist; therefore God exists."
(and other Circular Arguments)

"You just don't understand it, too blind to see

or self-contradiction)
"I have proved God exists - end of debate."
"Everybody believes in something." or "You're not really an atheist."

"Everything must have a cause - except my God"
(and other Special Pleading)

Threats of damnation.
God of the Gaps fallacy
( science can't explain it, therefore God must have done it )
Equates' disagreement' with 'bitter atheist hatred'
"All these scientists were Christians - do you think you're smarter than them?"
"You're too arrogant to admit you're wrong"
Repeat argument until it magically becomes true.

Argumentum ad Theoblatero
(meaningless theobabble)

The burden of proof is on the skeptic"

"All Xians are good; bad people are not Xian; so Xians are all good."
(No True Scotsman fallacy)

"I know because I know"
(Argumentum ad absens scientia :
Argument from absent knowledge)

no I didn't invent this cool game, I got it from here. The inventor of the game says it's okay to use it.

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