Respect your Husband .....

...and yourself...

Behind every successful man, there is a dutiful wife. This has always been true. In fact, no better example of Tradition can be found than the Tradition of marriage.

We all have our roles to play. The man is the breadwinner, and you are the homemaker. It is a glorious calling. Learn to love it.

All women strive to be perfect wives, but an important part of this is respecting your husband. As you learn to properly respect your husband, you will come to respect yourself as well.

Never contradict him. He gets enough of that at work.

Make his easedown from the workday smoother.
Prepare the home for him.
It should be clean, tidy and in good repair.
A man and his woman
He is your reason for being

Men should not cook
He should never have to help you in the
kitchen -- even if he offers
When he has had a particularly rough day at the office,
do not bother him with chit-chat.

Instead, offer him a foot-massage.

He should never have to ask, "When's dinner ready?"
It must be ready for him when he gets home.

A good wife not only works hard to please her man
-- she also works hard to make it look easy.
Don't whine. Don't you think his life is at least
ten times harder than yours?

Every family faces some measure of hardship. In times of stress,
you must offer your husband fellatio.

But don't enjoy it. (That's slutty.)

Hone your skills by practicing on broomsticks or cucumbers.

By all means, be careful with the teeth.
Go all the way down
Watch those teeth!

By carefully following these guidelines to the letter, domestic bliss can and will be yours! You will be a happy little homemaker, just like your mother.

Copied from Sons and Daughters of the American Tradition
This article is copyrighted 1995-2003 by Steve Corbett
Redistribution of this article is permitted provided copyright notices are left intact

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