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Did you know that Michael Denton has changed his view from evolution being a "theory in crisis," to evolution being a fact of nature? Denton even told the Discovery Institute that he no longer wished to be described as an "associate" of that institute.

Although Denton's book, Evoultion: A Theory in Crisis preceded Behe and Dembski's works, Denton no longer finds evolution to be in such a "crisis" not anymore.

I also wonder what creationists and I.D.ists think of Christians who accept Darwinistic evolution, and reject I.D. arguments?

Dr. Colling (fundamentalist Christian and chair of Biology at a fundamentalist Christian college) is O.K. with Darwinian evolution and has even composed a book on the subject titled, Random Designer: Created From Chaos To Connect With Creator. ''It pains me to suggest that my religious brothers are telling falsehoods'' when they say evolutionary theory is ''in crisis'' and claim that there is widespread skepticism about it among scientists. ''Such statements are blatantly untrue,'' he argues. ''Evolution has stood the test of time and considerable scrutiny...What the designer designed is the random-design process,'' or Darwinian evolution, Colling says. ''God devised these natural laws, and uses evolution to accomplish his goals.'' "Random Designer" or "Divine Tinkerer?"

Either way, Darwinism and God could be viewed as overlapping hypotheses. For the full story see, "Teaching Evolution at Christian College" by Sharon Begley, The Wall Street Journal (December 31, 2004)

Perspectives on an Evolving Creation, ed. Keith B.
Miller (William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2003)--Essays by theistic evolutionist Christians:
Terry Gray (Colorado State)
James Hurd (Bethel College)
Ted Davis (Messiah College)
Robin Collins (Messiah College)
David Wilcox (Eastern College)
Mark Noll (Wheaton College)
Jeff Greenberg (Wheaton College)
Laurie Braaten (Judson College)
John Munday, Jr. (Regent Univ.)
Loren Haarsma (Calvin College)
Howard Van Till (Calvin College)
Deborah Haarsma (Calvin College)
Warren Brown (Fuller Theological)
David Campbell (University of Alabama)
Jennifer Wiseman (Johns Hopkins Univ.)
Conrad Hyers (Gustavus Adolphus College) George Murphy (Trinity Lutheran Seminary) Bob Russell (Center for Theology and Natural Sciences)
God and Evolution (Nov. 2004) by David L. Wilcox (Ph.D. in Population Genetics, Professor of Biology, Eastern College, St. David's, PA.)
Darwinism Defeated? A debate between Phillip E.
Johnson ( and Denis O. Lamoureux (Ph.D.
biologist/evolutionist and Evangelical Christian Apparently Johnson does not offer copies of this debate book for sale at his website.
Finding Darwin's God: A Scientist's Search for Common Ground Between God and Evolution by Kenneth R. Miller (Ph.D. biologist and Catholic Christian)
Chance From a Theistic Perspective (The Perspectives of Two Evangelical Christian Evolutionists: Donald MacKay and John Polkinghorne)

Fine-Tuners Who Reject I.D. Arguments
Darwin's Forgotten Christian Defenders

Three Cheers For Christian Evolutionists

From Abandoning Geocentrism To Accepting Evolution: A "Liberal Trend" Among Evangelical Christians?
Francis Collins, Director of the Human Genome Project, is a Christian who accepts evolution. He stated: "I am unaware of any irreconcilable conflict between scientific knowledge about evolution and the idea of a creator God; why couldn't God have used the mechanism of evolution to create?...In my field, biology, because of the creationists the standard assumption is that anyone who has faith has gone soft in the head.
When scientists like me admit they are believers, the reaction from colleagues is 'How did this guy get tenure?'"--Gregg Easterbrook, "Science and God: A Warming Trend?" Science, Vol. 277, No. 5328, Aug. 15 1997, p. 890-893
Voices For Evolution: Statements From Religious Organizations

The Pope's Message On Evolution
Webpage that features the article, "I.D. For

Edward T. Babinski (author of Leaving the Fold:
Testimonies of Former Fundamentalists, Prometheus
Books, 2003, paperback edition; featuring the
first-hand testimonies of 3 dozen former
fudamentalists who moved either to more moderate or
liberal Christian, who joined other religions, or
became agnostics, or atheists)

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