Sunday only comes once a week...thank the Lawd!


Anonymous said...

awesome...being possessed by an outside spirit is evil and demonic...unless his name is Casper the Holy Ghost and "he" makes you speak incoherently like a drunken hobo each time you walk into the morgue called "local Church"....praise the Lawd, and pass the amunition!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok then. Thanks so much for the memories!! There you have it. Christianity adopts from all religions, in this case African tribal and ectsacy religions.

If they were to just drop all the doctrine and say it like it is on the church sign, "Screw Theology! Get off on Ja-hee-yhu-sus-su Today!!!", then maybe it wouldn't seem so...

Anonymous said...

LMAO, do they pass out acid or crack just before services??

I have never been exposed to that type of church service. How boring my experience was compared to it! I had to sit for 2 hours and listen to a boring preacher and get pinched by my mom because I fidgeted my ass off! LOL

It is difficult to believe these freaks actually think the holy spirit is causing them to behave that way. Entertaining, yet disturbing. LOL

Anonymous said...

-stares-.... Thats religion?.... What was up with the preacher... He preachers then just randomly runs off swinging his arms around then goes back to talking. Does the Holy Spirit choose when to thrash about and when to preach?

Are the people who are convulsing on the ground simply thrashing from the holy spirits divine f*ck to rid them of the evil demon? It would certainly explain the preachers need to suddenly run off for no apparent reason.

I wonder, if I start to thrash now, will that mean I'm saved as well? One can only hope the lawd sees my thrashing and convulsing and decides to spare me... Can I get an Amen?

Anonymous said...

What a disgrace to humanity.

Why would any christian who claims that god is above all require such primative rituals (voodoo)?

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of NUTS! I feel sorry for the kids in the audience observing this insanity.

Anonymous said...

before i start my grammar is not the best nor my sentence structure is the best neither so i ask much forgiveness. with that lets begin i have so much pin up hostility and deep and abiding hatred for above who do voodoo i do voodoo christianity by the force that drove me to be off the wall and totally insane to brain. being handicap doesn't help neither but my attitude is always if there is a gawd why people follow it are more retarded than the truely retarded like me.being something of an iconoclast and free thinker and just plain nuts i created my own version of the jedi religion from star wars mainly their philosopy.i seen too much that there is a higher order of being and zero point energy field but i perfer you godless atheists and free thinkers over the sorcerors and warlocks and witches of christianity. to the pagans excuse me i don't mean to offend, for the use of witch.was one back in the 90's aaah the memories good times.

Anonymous said...

I feel the holy spirit taking me over, I must speak in tongues:

"gobolly-gook,da, da da, gobolly-gook, DOH, da, da, da gobolly-gook, DOH"

I also have the gift of translation: "gobolly-gook,da, da da, gobolly-gook, DOH, da, da, da gobolly-gook, DOH"

What it means: Say, do, any silly ass thing that comes into your head (like when you were two years old) and twitch around like some idiot dancing to music in his head that no one hears. You can find similar activity at an asylum.

Anonymous said...

I was watching this ... msytical representation of god ... and my 8 year old daughter walked in. She asked what I was watching and I told her "someone videotaped some preaching in a church". She looked at me like I was crazy and said "No, really, what is that?" After explaining that I was serious she remarked that she thought I was watching a video of an insane assylum on the day when all the doctors were sick.

Out of the mouths of babes ...

Anonymous said...

"Out of the mouths of babes..."

Sorry there old sport, but I don't think that's applicable in this particular instance. Rick's little angel is eight...hardly a babe. In fact, she sounds like a brat.

Anonymous said...

Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise? strength

Excellent observation
Ricks Little one
Crazy people.Your not wrong.It's just that there not certified insane as yet,But we are working on it.

Some say it's Frontal Lobe Epilepsy.

Either way you look at it. Its mesmerizing even hypnotic.
Thats if you get the beat.

Anonymous said...

I think the Just Rick's kid hit the nail on the head. Anonymous, shut up. I can imagine how you deal with you children if they question or mock any of you nonsense religion. Spare the rod, eh?

What a bunch of idiots on this video. But look at them, appears to be a bunch of ignorant, third worlders who maybe have a second grade education. Typical prey of xians.

Or Mad may be right, maybe preacher man slipped them a little something in the holy water? That, to me, is an explanation that makes me feel some what less nauseated by the whole scene.

Regards, Carol

Anonymous said...

"Why would any christian who claims that god is above all require such primative rituals (voodoo)?"

Right, because the LORD only wants you to gather a couple of billion people every Sunday to drink blood and flesh and worship the symbol of a torture device.

Anonymous said...

That is painful to watch but funny.

Notice the children sitting in the pew in the front row? They all look very frightened and yet archaically amused.

One poor kid is holding his hands over his eyes as another older child is hugging him for some mutual comfort while in the land of the la-la-la-lunatics.

The chick in the chair is a certified crackhead suffering from self induced epilepsy...A.K.A.; Cognitive dissonance.

Save the blind!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said "In fact, she sounds like a brat."

The epitome of religion - attack anything that disagrees. I think this drive by preacher has certainly proven themselves with that bit of hate. It is this blind reasoning filled with so much irony that one tastes rust just contemplating it.

I wonder, however, if this person has the capacity to place themselves outside of their hatred, ignorance, and intolerance, and consider what their reaction would be to see people acting just like this during a tribal ritual in africa, or a voodoo ritual in Haiti.

Videos like this provide no better example of the truth of religion : mysticism mixed with ritualistic chaos as portrayed by human cognitive disassociation. As further explained by my intuitive daughter - "A bunch of people acting like nutters."

Anonymous said...

Hi Just Rick,

I'll apologize for the asshole, because we all know that the selfish, self-deluted, ass-wipe poor excuse of a jerk will never check back. I was a Christian - I think I remember something about what Jesus wanted from his followers:

"I'm sorry, that was a stupid thing to say"

- even though I didn't say it... I guess I am apologizing because I used to be a christian and I feel bad when someone represents Christ that way. I wonder if Jesus would have just taken over dad's contracting business if he knew people were going to act this way in his name - assuming his name wasn't just hijacked and he really was just a carpenter. Look, if I ever decide to die on the cross for everyone's sins, don't have a religion in my name (Bobianity?). She/He was a very stereotypical representative of the whole, wasn't he/she? Kind of a brat, wouldn't you say?

...another drive-by preaching...

Anonymous said...

anonymous YOU BITCH !!!! Shut the FUCK UP !!!

This type of loonesy is not just in the Spanish community, it's all over rural America. I've been to several services just like that, from foot washings to slain in the spirit, speaking in tongues, to annointings, baptisms, communions, witnessings. it's based on conformity.

It's also destroying those poor kids minds.

If there is a god that wants or requires this type of behavior (worship), then he is one sick SOB.

son estan locos

Anonymous said...

It appears that the minister is being attacked by an imaginary swarm of killer bees. Just wondering if anyone's head did a 360 degree turn during the service. I was laughing so hard that it brought tears to my eyes.

earthwormzim said...

Holy shit that is funny! Fuckin' relgious nuts...they'd do anything to convince others that God is doing something to them and/or they have/have-had some sort of special contact/interaction with God. What a bunch of attention craving fools!

Anonymous said...

I agree with poster above. She was a brat. Kind of like Amy Carter advising her dad what to do about the Russians and nuclear power. At least Amy was asked, this kid sort of waltzes in and gives her unsolicited opinion. Glad she's not mine.

Oh...and as for the rest of you, What kind of example do you set by the obscenities you use on this board...I hope you don't talk like that around your children.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anony-Mouse!

Go FU*K YOURSELF! In fact, grab your torture stick and then go FU*K YOURSELF! Don't come here and tell us how to act on OUR website. Do you talk the way you just did in our home, just now, around YOUR children? Then, they probably hate you and you don't even know it, YET! Wait for the novel. They'll probably expose every one of your stupid, lame-ass manipulations.

I'll take Amy Carter any day of the week over your dumb brat ass! Jimmy Carter was a much better President (in character and deeds) than any of your neo-con assholes - especially your current brat-in-residence King George who thinks he owns the world. Because of you and people like him, I am certain that there is NO christian GAWD, otherwise, you assholes wouldn't act the way that you do for fear of your own eternal damnation.

Jimmy Carter lives a life worth emmulating. He continues to do work that helps the "least amongst us" in one day than your dumbass "dubya" has ever done in his entire worthless life.

In fact, Jimmy Carter, through services like "Habitat for Humanity", helps poor people to help counteract the cruelty that the government is conducting against its citizens. I am certain that Jimmy Carter would NOT let poor and black people starve outside of the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans four days after Katrina hit. There were babies starving on the street just a block or two from rotting corpses. Please, if there is a GOD, let Jimmy Carter magically replace the conjob that is currently in charge. Jimmy Carter is a man who learned something about living a life of Christ.

I waste my time. You come here. You leave your little turd. You then run-off. You're a punk, a brat, and a very rare kind of bitch.

Another drive-by Preaching... no not really a preaching...

Another drive-by judgement!

freeman said...

Like your style!
I miss an old friend here at xtian, Timotheus. I know he lurks and bids his time, but sharp to point out people's fallibilities due to nature and biblical passages.

South2003 can I get an Amen. Non, BeMuseMe where art thou!

Anonymous said...

"Jimmy Carter lives a life worth emmulating."

And after his PR people make sure his 'do-goody deeds' are reported, they spend the rest of our tax dollars covering up his election fraud cover-up down in Venezuela. Yeah, I remember Jimmy, old DD. Mr. Double Digit inflation and sky high interest rates. You can have him----and I'll throw in that jack ass Bert Lance at no extra charge.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mouse,

If Carter had DD, what was Ford's W.I.N. (Whip Inflation Now) Bullshit. Ford plays golf, when he'e not in the hospital. Carter, at least, goes out and tries to help people. Clinton does too. I will concede that daddy Bush has done a few things, when he can break away from the Carlisle Group, - I am a little suspicious about his motives.

The only thing Ford did was what he was hired to do: Pardon Nixon. Carter couldn't fix the Nixon/Ford debacle if he had every gifted economist to have ever been born on this earth. Carter did what he could with a difficult set of circumstances.

Jimmy Carter actually did restore decency, accountability and responsibility to the whitehouse. It is ironic that "dumbass Dubya" tried to fake that one.

Don't talk to me about wasting taxpayers money on BULLSHIT PR when King George burns up millions of gallons of jet fuel trying to con us into his bullshit social security plan which is really corporate welfare.

How about all of the wasted fuel used for Air Force One so that he can go to CAREFULLY orchestrated "town hall meetings" where all of the "town members" are republican/christian-wrong, kool-aid drinking, party member DITTO-HEADS, so he can sell or explain:

His bullshit lies about his war

How he never met Jack Abramoff (even when the photos and strong evidence prove otherwise)

To lie to the poor/black people of New Orleans about how is going to restore their city, when it is, in reality, a cynical land-grab for his bullshit developer donors - more corporate welfare. He can give money out for corporate welfare, look how much he saved by not providing aid to the victims!

To try and con Americans that he is not a racist. Yea, and I'm the Pope.

To continually lie that he was legally cleared to SPY on Ordinary American Citizens, when his shrill responses (what is it now, 7 days in a row) make him sound like a man guilty of an impeachable offense.

Bullshit Americans so that they start hating "trial lawyers" so that the only protection they have against irresponsible corporations who gladly and shamelessly create defective products that get people mamed and killed will be taken away from them. Meanwhile, assholes like Rick Santorum use the same trial lawyers we are supposed to hate to get money for his family (as if he wasn't rich enough already).

One of my personal favorites: interupt his vacation (which he wouldn't do when Katrina hit), so that he could fly to D.C., burning fuel in Air Force One, so that he could further a political agenda with the "saving-of-Terry-Schiavo".

Create more corporate welfare programs in the form of "reforming" bankruptcy laws that only fu*k the poor, especially our active duty Guardsmen and Reservists who got sent to Iraq (how ironic when "Dumbass Dubya" used political connections to hide out in the National Guard while he avoided combat in 'Nam, thanks to his daddy in the CIA), our returning vets, the Katrina victims (again), the elderly/poor/sick who are getting fu*ked by the medical industry, the middle class who are losing their jobs to illegal immigrants and the exportation of their jobs to foreign lands.

Lie after lie about how his economic programs aren't destroying the middle class and creating more POOR people than in the history of the United States. Meanwhile trying to sell the fact that any rise in the employment numbers is genuine and are jobs that people can actually feed their families on...

I haven't even "warmed-up", yet!

Stop, you're killing me with your Carter being a problem bullshit. I wish it was the 70's again - I remember them well, America was in a much better shape than it is now. Granted, the Clinton '90's were better, but Bushit fixed that, didn't he?

Why don't you find a website more to your liking, may I recommend:

If you ever do grow-up, try:

Next time, do your homework.

Another drive-by preacher, oh no, wait...

Another drive-by dittohead...

Dont' forget to grab that torture stick and go Fu*k Yourself!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mice (all of you anony-mouse posters)

The topic here is: "Sunday only comes once a week...thank the Lawd"

If you have something supportive to say to EX-christians who are trying to get over the horror they experienced in their own lives, such as the horrors depicted in the video above, then post away...

If you come here with your bullshit christian-wrong, dittohead snide remarks or your anti-atheist/agnostic or pro-christian Gawd sermons, here is a warning:

You are out of your league. The people who come here actually use their brains. It is a support website who were victimized by the myth of christianity. You are invited to stay the hell away.

Don't even come here and call our kids "brats" - it just shows how stupid and brainwashed you are.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Wow, a trifecta

A drive-by preaching...
A drive-by judgement...
and more than likely,
A drive-by dittohead...

How completely christian and typical of you. Did you get your feelings hurt? Did you get your "toes stepped on" - something hit a little "too close to home"?

Remember, you came here. I didn't seek you out. In fact, your complete lack of compassion confirms for me the fact that you are a dittohead and certainly a christian. Living the life of Christ, are you?

It's time to check yourself, you don't know the first thing about the teachings of Jesus Christ. You are sheeple, just like you are programmed to be. But then, the christian movement has never been about living out the teachings of Jesus. Or at least, the ones that has to do with working with the "least amongst you". No, it is about control and money and looking good on Sunday morning.

No sympathy for victims? Hmmm... How christian of you. Are you still standing there with your fingers in the shape of an "L" on your forehead?

Paris Hilton?
Here, I got one for you:
Rev. Fred Phelps - look him up!

webmdave said...

Bob, MM is a troll.

Troll deleted.

Anonymous said...

"I haven't even "warmed-up", yet!"

That's seem to be nothing but hot air. Man, you're a bore.

Anonymous said...

Man, that was crazy. I've seen some pretty crazy stuff in the charismatic church, but nothing that crazy. Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Anony-Mouse said...
"I haven't even "warmed-up", yet!"

That's seem to be nothing but hot air. Man, you're a bore.

Wow, I am blown away. You are such a deep, insightful and charismatic figure! How do you do it?

Still running around with your tail between your leg? You came here and insulted the child of an exchristian who posts here - his home, not yours. You got spanked. Get off your computer, call "El Drug-O" (the only asshole who would give a flyng flip), go on the propaganda channel and tell the nation how you got spanked by a mean ole' "atheist". Troll patrol...

Mouse said: "Man, you're a bore."

And you are an oxymoron:
"A compassionate Conservative"

Another drive-by trifecta...

Anonymous said...

Pardon ExChristians,

Let me clean that last one up so that it is a little clearer:

Anony-Mouse said...
" 'I haven't even "warmed-up", yet!' That's seem to be nothing but hot air. Man, you're a bore."

Wow, I am blown away. You are such a deep, insightful and charismatic figure! How do you do it?

Still running around with your tail between your leg? You came here and insulted the child of an exchristian who posts here - his home, not yours. You got spanked. Get off your computer, call "El Drug-O" (the only asshole who would give a flyng flip), go on the propaganda channel and tell the nation how you got spanked by a mean ole' "atheist". Troll patrol...

Mouse said: "Man, you're a bore."

And you are an oxymoron:
"A compassionate Conservative"

Another drive-by trifecta...

Anonymous said...

Amen-Ra freeman!

Anonymous said...

im a christian bu these people are just acting rediculous.

Anonymous said...

I'm a christian also and these people are putting on a show. The Holy Ghost is definitly real, but the Holy Ghost has never made me jump around crazy around the room.

For a F.A.Q page on the Holy spirit or holy ghost please see this page

if you have any questions about my peace and purpose in Jesus Christ please email

Anonymous said...

Josh2189, in my opinion you're putting on a show as well. The holy spirit "definitely real"? No, I don't think so. I really don't think so.

The subjective experiences of a believer do not constitute acceptable proof to me. The experiences cannot be transferred from the believer's mind to my own; therefore, I have no way of duplicating and testing those experiences.

Without the ability to examine for myself what's actually happening, I have no way of knowing if that Special Tingly Feeling is coming from a god, a malevolent being, a feather-wielding dragon, or my own brain.

And, since I have no objective and concrete evidence for the existence of gods, demons or other invisible critters, I'm going to use Occam's Razor here and assume "brain" is behind it all.

webmdave said...

So now we know that some Holy Rollers are "True Holy Rollers™," while all other Holy Rollers are just putting on a show.


"My experience with my version of my God and my religion as supported by my carefully selected Bible verses is the absolute God-given truth," said the True Believer™ "All other versions of my or anyone else's religion is flawed. After all, there is no way that I could have been duped by the religion I've accepted as true. There is no way that I could have made that kind of mistake!"

And a sucker is not born every minute.

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