Mice more Compassionate than Christians

By Lorena

“Mice appear to empathize with pain in other critters they're familiar with, a capacity previously thought to exist only in higher primates.

When mice saw others they knew showing pain, they responded with signs of empathy, such as staying close by, according to a new study (http://www.cbc.ca/story/science/national/2006/06/29/mice-empathy.html).”

This proves it: mice are more compassionate than Christians.

When you are a Christian and you experience pain, the “holy” people tell you to shove it. If someone you love dies, instead of hugging you and saying, “Sorry for your loss,” they say, “He is in a better place.” The last time I heard a church person say this one, I responded, “When somebody I love dies, I am going to cry until I have no tears left, because they may be at a better place, but I am going to miss them.”

It doesn’t matter what sort of emotional pain is expressed, Christians always respond with a quick cliché and make no effort to reach out to the person with love and compassion. But the worst one, most rude, and least compassionate response I’ve received is the one from an ANONYMOUS visitor to my blog (I deleted all the insulting posts).

She said that I didn’t receive emotional healing during my 18 years of Christianity because I did not let “the lord” heal me. She said that I’ve walked away from the only one that can actually help me. She said I was bitter.

And he calls himself a loving Christian. He said he meant no offence. Geezz! Whether it is true or not, calling someone bitter is offensive anytime of day. Saying that to a person who is, admittedly, emotionally hurt is even crueler.

What’s interesting about this christian’s opinion is that it is exactly the same crap I heard for 18 years from church people. Instead of empathizing and giving the sufferer a shoulder to cry on, they blame the victim for feeling hurt.

Emotional hurts are real, as real as physical hurts. That Christians don’t understand this just shows how ignorant and brainwashed they are. They should also walk around telling the blind and the wheel-chair bound that “The lord hasn’t healed them because they didn’t let him.” It wouldn’t take long before somebody put a bullet in their stupid heads.

My ANONYMOUS visitor also said that she has a friend who was gang raped, and that she is OK. The friend is not in any emotional pain. She recovered from her pain and moved on with her life—yeah, right is what I say to that.

Another patronizing, minimizing comment I heard in church a lot. These comments were not always addressed at me. I just heard them from the pulpit, at bible studies, and, in general, around churches.

What’s so outrageous about that comment? Well, don’t Christians say all the time that god made everyone unique, that he made each person different and special, and that he understands us?

Well, we are all different, alright. Even medical treatments are customized because not everybody heals at the same rate. What works for one person does not work for another. Otherwise, why do we have doctors? They should just post general treatments at the drugstore and we could all just buy the medication there.

The cookie-cutter approach of Christianity is what makes it so nauseating. That primitive mentality that says we should all think the same and feel the same. Hey, are we humans or robots? No wonder they have such difficulty expressing love. The religion has turned them into robots.

Why would I want to be involved in a religion that completely denies my individuality and forces me to deny my hurts and fake happiness? No. I am not interested, thanks. I would rather be caged with a bunch of mice.

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