Christian charity raises money for non-gay famine victims

A report from The Onion news network

Christian Charity Raising Money To Feed Non-Gay Famine Victims


Boe said...

This has just got to be a joke surely? When it comes to America I'm never quite sure.

Stephen_Richard_Webb said...

Well, there's a show of brotherly love and compassion for the suffering of mankind for ya. Freakin idiots - how the hell do they know who is gay and who is not? Do they ask them? That right there shows the world how prejudiced those christians really are.

Stephen_Richard_Webb said...

Hmmm, I looked for this 'group' online and didnt find anything at all - and the broadcast does seem staged...what the hell is the onion news network? If this is a joke, it doesn't do any good at all to demean christian orgs, in fact it actually has a reverse effect in a way - someone would stoop so low as to falsly implicate someone else...terrible.

Bob said...

The Onion is a very funny satire site. In my humble opinion.

They are very good at showing how silly "humans" and "civilized" society is.

Regards, Bob

John of Indiana said...

I know it's "The Onion", and it's satire, but when i worked for Lester Sumrall, they got up this whole system for moving food around the world. A C-130 Hercules and an ex-USN reefer ship.
Only thing was, the food was for distribution to Xians ONLY. Yep, they went to Angola and handed out grub to the local missionaries. Wanna guess how many "heathen" the converted with rice Krispies?
Just like "resuce" missions, you wanna sammich? they wanna hear you say "The Sinner's Prayer"

John of Indiana said...

I sure can't spell tonight, can I?

Anonymous said...

So it's the onion. Peel the layers of stupidity off and enjoy the flavor of satire. Or not.

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