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6/29/2008                                                                                       View Comments

His eye is on the sparrow

A video by TruthSurge showing how much God loves each of us and how he looks after us all. Matt 10:29-31


sscianni said...

That was difficult to watch. Those cubs screaming as they get cannibalized by the male lion was horrible and almost too much to handle - not to mention the sheer revulsion coming from the deformed and starving children. How anyone can persuade themselves that a benign and personal god exists is well beyond me.

daas said...

Agreed, especially on the deformed babies part. The reason for the lion's cannabilization is to eliminate rival gene pool (the pubs arent his)

Anonymous said...

So much for intelligent design, eh?

billybee said...

maybe the poor little sparrow got crunched because "He" was busy numbering hair.....
"He" is not good at multi-tasking.

THE ACE said...

You know, when I first saw the lion cubs, I thought "How cute! Baby lions!" Well, that didn't last long!

Such a perfect world from a perfect

Hey, during the days of the Roman
Empire, didn't they throw Christians to the lions?

I don't suppose we could bring that
back, could we?

Hemlock said...

I read on the WWW that the "reason" for lion cannibalization is so the male can mate with the mother of those cubs. She will not mate if she has cubs to look after. If she has no male to protect her some male will come along and kill and the cubs so she then becomes receptive to mating. Lovely.

twincats said...

Agree with everyone here on the visuals.

I really didn't think that awful song would go on for the entire 5:20 or whatever it was, either.

Gotta go listen to the Bastard Fairies now...

Anonymous said...

Gosh that was hard to watch.

I worked in newborn intensive care units for a number of years. I always saw deformities in a clinical context, so it didn't really affect me much. It's the only way you could do that job. Have been away from that for a few years, and seeing it in the context of the Xtian mythology was beyond repugnant.

The thing with the lion cubs was awful too.

By the way, I was in a serious car accident after working night shift with sick babies. Fell asleep at the wheel. This was about 5 years ago. Was burned over 30% of my body, mostly upper and face. Xtians tell me that God was watching over me cuz a bystander pulled me out of the flames. Really? Wouldn't it have been easier just to wake me up or steer me into something other than a brick wall and light poles? Let's face it, logic is a foreign concept to these idiots. Nor do they understand how offensive they can be.

Beautiful rendition of that song. Well matched to the video.

Twazzi said...

It's hard to imagine that the religious zealots can believe in I.D. This little movie has only scratched the surface of the mistakes made by the imaginary big guy. It makes me glad to know that there is no
"loving god" because if that's
loving I'd hate to see what happens when he becomes really pissed off.
This movie should be shown in the science classes at school.

Tim said...

I hope that vid causes at least some Christians to think for a second but I saw some comments on youtube already and within about 6 people there was one who thought it was a real Christian video but thought the graphics were too much and one person said it was inspiring.

I think the vid depicts real life on some levels although the violent and sad parts do not represent the majority of life on Earth.

As for why a lion would kill a three month old cub, I really don't care. The cub did nothing to deserve it and it hurts each time I watch it.

I hope the vid lures many Christians and then slaps their face and gets a few to realize that the dreamworld they live in is not exactly equal to the real world.


buffettphan said...

This video was very difficult for me to watch also. My curiousity made me go to YouTube and see the comments....which led to such a sense of disgust I had to leave this message on YouTube....

While I can't speak for TruthSurge, I'll give you my take on the video. Contrary to some viewers' opinions, this is not a joke. The imaginary sky daddy doesn't "watch out" for anybody or anything because, well, uhhhhhhhh....he's IMAGINARY. THAT is the message of the video with its "shocking" and "disturbing images" paired with the "great message" of this song. Open your eyes, your ears, your minds and THINK, people!

WhateverLolaWants said...

Interestingly, I saved a baby sparrow from dying yesterday. I did it, with the help of several other humans. God had nothing to do with it, and to evidence that fact, I only point to all the baby birds out there who have died horrible deaths. Of course, someone will say that I was working in God's plan and that those other dead birds were meant to die... to that I can only shake my head.