Church promotes Haunted House as good family fun... but...

article found at Morons.Org

Abundant Living Ministries is dedicated to saving people from their evil, heathen ways, and from the eternity in Hell that they believe comes with such sinfulness. What better way to attract the pagan, devil worshiping public, than with a haunted house on Halloween? After all, as the pastor says, "Halloween is the high holy day for Satanism."

The house, called "Scream House", is promoted as an ordinary haunted house, appropriate for children as young as 10, and featuring, in addition to the house itself, food, a climbing wall, a dunk tank, etc. Good family fun!

Once parents plunk down the $5.00 per person admission fee, they and their children are treated to scenes, not of ghosts and goblins, but of teens overdosing on drugs, spousal abuse, murder and a woman killing herself with a gun. The scenes are apparently very realistic, the last scene included visitors being splattered with fake blood.

The church is completely unapologetic about the deception involved, including lying regarding the age appropriateness of the activity.

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