The Cross in Space

The bizzare nature of modern Christianity just keeps getting more and more irrational. As a few of the recent posters have noted, in order to believe in Jesus and the message of the cross, you have to put your reasoning abilities on the shelf.

Nothing in Christianity makes sense to a normal thinking human being. In order for it all to be acceptable to your mind, you have to deny reality and just believe.

I suppose with those sort of superstitious ideas in rumbling around in someone's head, having a cross in orbit makes complete sense.

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What do you think?


webmdave said...

Christianity is true. The Bible is proof of God's existence. He loves us. Thats why he sent his Son (Jesus) to die for our sins. Jesus rose from the grave on the third day. If you accept His gift of salvation you will be saved and go to heaven. Jesus loves us and He will take care of us.

webmdave said...

"The Bible is proof of God's existence"

hmmmm, I have a book = 'Jane Eyre'
Does Mr. Rochester exist ? ?
My book was written by a woman, your book was written by many men......both books are fiction.

webmdave said...

Thanks for putting that synopsis of Christianity in a nutshell. At least you kept it brief. The Bible is not proof of God's existence. But the book "The Lord of the Rings" is proof that Frodo is real and that he saved the world. I know that Frodo loves me and watches over me everyday. Also, I know that tiny little Hobbitts live under the shed in the East garden even though I have never seen them.

webmdave said...

The Bible is proof of God's existence? You're the kind of Christoholic who runs the logic course in circles, yes? F-wit. Keepin' the Jack Daniels in your Coco Puffs, Fred?

I hate to spoil the fun for the Christoholic but there is no God out there to silence me, teach me a lesson, or send me to Hell. The bible is nothing more than folklore that snuck its way into the non-fiction section of the bookstore. It isn't full of morality; it's full of shit. It's a horrible misuse of time and a gross misinterpretation of reality. I don't believe that all bibles should be destroyed when they make excellent doorstops and beer coasters.

webmdave said...

Your repeating the same old stuff that you've been told over and over again in church, read in books, and memorized. It just sounds so silly now that I'm out of it. How can a book be proof of something? You have to ask yourself where did this book come from. The mormons say their book is true also. But we were all taught in chuch that they are a cult. What's the difference?

webmdave said...

Barbie_Brains - Great photo!

Our christian guest is a real Mensa candidate! (:D he he he

The reasoning of the christian simpleton:

1. In presenting its divine narrative, a holy book presupposes God exists.

2. People read and come to accept the narrative.

3. The narrative must be true! .... it MUST BE...IT MUST BE!

4. Therefore....God exists.

Doouuhhhh! How could I have missed it?!


webmdave said...

Which bible?

webmdave said...

The Satanic Bible.

webmdave said...

The Satanic Bible... lol ... which if our newest guest is a real die-hard fundie, might even be that evil catholic bible --- or anything other than the King James version. Because, well ya know, Old English is god's special language .... ;-)

webmdave said...

You are a Poe, aren't you? Admit it.

Is this XPD or BB having a laugh? Or Juan_Marco?

You cannot seriously believe the stuff written in this comment, can you?

If you are for real, then it is good to see that kindergartens are teaching computer, internet and typing skills to the under 5s.

If you are not at kindergarten, but at school, then I suggest you widen your circle of reading to include science and critical thinking.

If you are an adult, then I cannot believe you are an adult - not on the evidence presented so far.



webmdave said...

How do you know JC had no wheel? Ezekiel did!

Te NT is notoriously unreliable about everything else.


webmdave said...


It ain't me...I've been seeing too many Poes on this site...It's hard to distinguish & rageaholism clouds my judgment...I think our friend Make Sense was also a Poe...I respond & never get an answer, even when I ask for sources...Make Sense only responded to Summerbreeze & Thackerie...This is why I prefer to troll Catholic sites...They give you plenty of silliness to counter and they take the time to respond.

Someone is enjoying sock puppeteering...Moderators need to check this....A few years ago, the American Atheist blog was hijacked by 2 crazy non-Poe Christian commenters (from Worldnutdaily) who were not properly "sanctioned" by moderators...I don't know if AA's blog ever recovered.


webmdave said...

When my Baptist colleagues bemoan the end of school prayer, I tell them that I agree...I would love to have everyone pray the Hail Mary & read Maccabbees I & II... :)

webmdave said...

Unwelcome Guest: "Christianity is true."

No, it isn't.

There is no evidence that 'Jesus' was a real person, and people almost certainly do not come back from the dead. Even if Jesus was real, he was not the miracle worker described in the Bible and has now been dead for nearly 2,000 years. He can't save you from anything.

As for the pseudo-gift of 'salvation,' it is immoral to allow someone else to die in your place. You taint your humanity with your stated desire to accept such a thing, even though there is no actual giver and no gift to be had.

You have also committed the logical fallacy of Petitio principii, or circular reasoning. If a book can be proof of itself, then Gandalf, Scarlett O'Hara and Hari Seldon must be real, too.

Go away, you superstitious idiot.

webmdave said...

think its AWESOME. There is solid proof historically for almost everything we believe.
Everyone has faith and belief every day in things that thy never saw happen or made with your own eyes. Every building has a creator. We are all creators every day of our lives.
Every time I sit in a chair, I believe it will not fall apart when I sit down. When I drink milk I assume it came from a cow, I did not see the cow milked. every time I start my car I have faith that the company made my car so it will start when I want it to.
Interesting Monkey

webmdave said...

I have faith too..I have faith that any information, no matter how trivial or strange,
will have every Xian in ecstacy as long has someone claims it has something to do with the Bible. Every building has a creator? Then if God built the universe, who built God?
Every time you sit in a chair, you have faith its not going to break? Really?
Chairs have been know to break, but you know the chair is there anyway, because
you've seen it. You drink milk and know it came from a cow, even if you didn't see
the cow being milked? Maybe not, but you've seen cows before and know where
milk comes from. And we all hope our cars will start up when we turn the key;
there's no guarantee of that, and anyway, you see and operate your car everyday.
So you can have faith it does exist, and since you can hear it when it starts, you
can believe it should start again.

Are you familiar with the movie "Harvey", in which Jimmy Stewart spends most of
his time talking to a six-foot invisible rabbit? That reminds me a lot of Christian
behavior, including mine years ago.

And don't say things like 'there is proof for everything we believe". There are other
posters here at ex.christian who can show you, far better than I, that there is very
little proof for the Bible and Christianity. Read some of the comments by people
like Boomslang, Sconner, Barbiebrains, and the Anti-Christian. (My apologies to
the people I didn't mention, I'm just choosing a few names here). After that,
see if you want to keep talking to your invisible six-foot rabbit.

webmdave said...


Hey, I just found this website randomly when I was looking for a pic of the cross in the middle of a star in some galaxy...but anyways.....for my sake and yours please watch the video called "Everything is Spiritual" by Rob Bell and I would honestly like to hear your opinion of the video. I personally am a Christian and I think it's good to hear other peoples beliefs and look that video up sometime and let me know your thoughts...


webmdave said...

I was looking for the same picture as well, Micah. And honestly? I was appalled that people would dedicate such time and effort to disproving God. They claim he is a theory, a religion. Why, yes. He is a religion. But he is my religion. As for faith, I agree with morningguy on the fact that faith in chairs, cars, and other modern-day appliances have been known to fail, although I don't agree with you on the fact that I have never spoken to something as far fetched as an invisible giant rabbit. To compare something someone has based their life on would be absurd, rude, and out of touch with the human heart.
I completely understand that other people have their opinions, but, if Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and other religions are being taught in a theology class nowadays, shouldn't Evolution be also?

Why ExChristian? not ExJews? ExMuslims?

Is it because Christians are willing to stand up for their faith, or that they're willing to sit down. Is it that there are some spineless Christians out there who are but facades? Acting the way a Christian should act?

These are sunday-morning Christians. And a testament to the reason I dislike religion. I like Faith. Because with faith? I don't have to lift my hands, close my eyes, speak in tounges and all this nonsense that makes you look "spiritual" i churches. I can simply sit and love God. This is not going to say that I would much rather sit in the back of my classes at school and say not a word when people bash something I so thoroughly believe in, it is to say that I don't have to be religious to love God.

In my opinion, morningguy, DON'T under ANY circumstances watch "Everything is Spiritual", to request you to do so is almost insulting, isn't it? (No offense to Micah, who I'm sure had your best interests at heart)
You aren't ready to watch something like that. I recommend that you read
"Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller. I persoanally love the book. A friend of mine read it and left my faith. I read it and was much more assured. This is a reason I ask you to read it. Because, it, as the cover says, is Unreligious Views of Christian Spirituality.

What you probably hate so much, is indeed these sunday-morning Christians. The ones that live "perfect" lives, even when they mess up. If they do something wrong, they won't admit it.


I thought you might want to hear that. Because I know I wish my pastor would say that. He's a "spiritual" man. He told us a story once, then I didn't want to go to that church anymore. Except for my small group leader is wonderfully opposed to him.

He told us about when he was in Italy. He was in charge of two old women, who were wearing fanny paks. My pastor walked over to a tie stand (They have those there, did you know?) and bought one. When he came back, the two women had been robbed. Now, you have to understand that the guide had frequently told them to make sure your fanny pak was zipped and tight. The old women had just bought ice cream and had not yet closed them shut.

Our pastor then proceeded to tell us that, if the old women had just zipped the paks closed, they would have been alright. I was appalled. It had been his fault. His first line had been, he was IN CHARGE of them.

He will never say he is a hypocrite, on my honor.

But, I will. And I remain a Christian. i base my faith on a book filled with words from before this world began.

I realize this has been exceedingly long. And I apologize.


webmdave said...

Arthur Blessit is still around? Notice at the bottom of that cross he lugs all over the place - a wheel. JC didn't have no wheel! Loafer.

webmdave said...


1. You believe other people. Parents, friends, preachers, teachers, scribes pretending to be ancient, nomadic tribesmen.

2. These people told you about god.

3. God never told you anything. If he did then it would be so obvious that this debate would not be happening and we would all be believers. As it is, you are relying on points 1. & 2.

4. You are too proud to admit you have been duped. Been there; done that; lived the lie which is xtianity and eventually admitted i was duped. It was a humbling exp[erience to realise just how wrong one can be.

Wake up and smell the reality.



webmdave said...

David: Wake up and smell the reality

Perhaps it would help, if you offered her some "Cream and Sugar" with our "reality", David ?

ATF (Who wonders if xtians use artificial sweeteners and artificial cream, to go with their artificial spirit and their artificial gods?)

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