Hell's Expanding Borders

sent in by Hawman

I have heard more than one preacher make the statement that “ Hell’s borders are constantly having to be expanded because so many are dying in their sins!”

After reading the front-page article of my local newspaper and seeing its corresponding web page, I know it’s true. At least the expanding borders part. The headline trumps, Hawkins County Commission Set To Consider Resolution Recognizing God.

Just recently our state legislators wisely denied a state resolution, so now our wonderful local elected officials think they need to take up the cause. I wish that I could shortly report that they decided the state officials were right, but I fear that won’t be the result in this god-fearing little town! Just like terrorists, you get rid of one and three more pop up!

To me, this confirms the existence of hell. It’s right here on earth! The ever-expanding zealot fervor of the religiously insane has, is, and will always make life here on earth continual hell! From our poor excuse of a president, right down to local government, we must face that fact.

My dear rational, freethinking friends we are in a border expanding hell of blind shepards leading gullible sheep. Sadly, someday it might lead to the destruction of us all!

I end this little tirade on the happy note of knowing I for one am no longer a willing participant in such expansion projects. Unfortunately, I now must deal with the real hell it creates for those whose eyes are not clouded by the mists of myths & superstitions.

Here is the web page address if anyone cares to see the sad story: www.hawkins.xtn.net

Hawman is from Rogersville TN. He became a Christian at the age of 9 and left Christianity at the age of 41. Email Address: toxic_idols@yahoo.com

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