The End of the World - Bullshit...

For centuries there have been claims that the world was going to end. I was in a church that firmly believed that Y2K would signal the end of life as we knew it. In this episode of Bullshit, Penn and Teller will take a look into these claims and predictions.

Thank you Penn & Teller


Anonymous said...

Ok folks, I haven't seen the video yet, but I can tell you that in 1980, I was under the impression the the world was coming to an end soon, songs like Jimmy Hendrix, 1983, A Merman I Should Turn To Be. Orwell, The Alluminatti,Pole Shift, Great Tribulation, Planets Aligning, Benjiman Crem the Anti-christ, Majestic 12, 2000 Jesus second now Bono is the Anti-christ, well I guess you got to believe in christ before you can believe in the anti-christ, so I was convinced that the world was coming to an end, so I finally came to my senses and realized it was all a scare tactic, but the fundies are going to make sure that we all die as predicted in the shit-eating bible as prescribed by god, thanks to GWB, John Haggie, Pat Robertson, and all other religious fags. I agree with what Dano wrote on another post, Dano is a wise man and sees whats going on in the religious minds of the religious loonies, it's so very obvious that many will die at the hands of our religious leaders, and then they will blame it on god's written prophesy. How can we end this madness?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mary, I am anti-christ, so does that make me the Anti-Christ? LOL

I am in total agreement with you. But I don't think Bush or any of his merry old men are any more religious than I am. He used religious leaders to get elected, and lies out his ass about the fact that he's "born again". 3 more years of his presidency is almost too hard to bear. The damage he has done to the Supreme Court alone is going to have a huge impact on our lives.

How can we end this madness? Find an antidote for the mind virus, and find it fast!

I thought it interesting that the definition of Antidote in the Encarta Dictionary is:
"a substance that counteracts the effect of a poison or toxin."

I think that pretty much says it all.

Anonymous said...

" and all other religious fags"

You sound just as judgemental and narrow minded as the fundies to me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the Penn and Teller video. I can't believe so much common sense needs to be shown in a tv series like BS to get folks thinking...but unfortunately, the only ones that see it will be ones that already now it's BS.

Love James Randi too.


Anonymous said...

Typically, the GOP likes small gov't, and big business. Basically, get the gov't out of the states' affairs. Problem, is, many states can't support themselves based on their industrial base, so, finding organizations to support community socialism has been the goal. Religions, and particularly churches are small socialistic cells within a capitalistic economy.

Its not the GW isn't smart, its that GW is a republican. The active duty military, paid by the federal gov't, has been significantly reduced by in the last few years, while international "concerns", have caused a higher demand for military personnel.

Where do these "extra", personnel come from? The "state", who has to hire them, with some federal support, and deploy them. The hope is that the people being placed in these reservist positions, will return and stay in the reserves where the state takes over the "bill", for paying the state employee.

Its not a coincidence, that the majority of active duty have not deployed anymore than the reservists. If anything, the reservists have been deployed for greater time intervals than many active duty. This was not what the "game plan", when the reserves were created, the reserves were to back-fill the united states federal military bases, when the "trained", and "equipped" active duty military deployed.

This expanding and contracting of the federal gov't budget has been going on for years. Religion, military, etc., all becomes part of the mix. As the active duty military is reduced, conveniently more federal jobs have opened up, like homeland security, however, military get paid retirement immediately after 20 years of service, this is the federal burden. Those who are pushed out, and move onto other federal jobs, don't receive retirement after 20 years, they must stay employed for much longer, and the retirement is more akin to working a civilian job.

Anyway, GW is doing what his party elected him to do, and he will push the buttons to make it happen. There are many states that could not support their citizens if the federal gov't pulled out completely, hence, the issue with the Hurricane Katrina victims. GW is only as religious as his party needs him to be.

Watching the Penn and Teller video, lets GW know, that there will always be a need for smaller social organizations within the state to care and feed the paranoid and delusional, that would be the religiously handicapped.

Jim Arvo said...

Anonymous said "Its not th[at] GW isn't smart, its that GW is a republican."

Ummm... you are not implying that GW is actually smart, right? I think your point is that his political bent is a more significant factor than his pitiable intellectual abilities. Just checking...

(I don't actaully agree, but I'm not going to debate that point with you. I think W's inability to see anything but black and white is by far the most significant factor in his brain-dead behavior and policies.)

Anonymous said...

Remove Ad Hominem, replace current president with any other republican politician at the beginning of the presidential nomination, same results. Not adhering to ones' own political party while they are in the cabinet majority - not politically smart. The president isn't paid to be a nuclear physicist, they're beurocratic managers.

Presidents have to trust their cabinet and staff, through blind faith most times. Not much different than one adhering to blind faith using 2,000 year old religious rhetoric. Is it a wonder, that presidents, in general, who use blind faith and get caught, look towards those groups who could empathize. Presidents are slaves to their parties, resources and groups who will support them. It really doesn't matter who they are, or what political party they are affiliated.

Interesting topic though, what criteria should be used to elect the next political president in order to curb the playboy behavior in the ovum office, or the pin-the-tail on the donkey acts with potential international impact.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again webe
I loved it.
Especially the part about.
Jesus appearing to the wise men of Starbucks on the 9/9/1989. at 9 pm.
Only to deliver solid gold plates written in ancient australian.

That remain untranslated.
Except for the bunyip part.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that video, as I don't get the Showtime channels.

The first Hal Lindsay book I read was "New World Coming" back in 1972. It goes thru Revelations chapter by chapter. I was 12 years old when I read it. I became convinced that Jebus was coming soon. I even started a scrapbook of news articles about Israel and the World Council of Churches, ooo. I was a pre-trib rapture xtian. Preachers I knew speculated that Jebus would come back before I graduated from High School in 1977. Well, it didn't happen.

I saw Texe Marrs on TV back in the early 1980s, though at that time he was warning the world about the dangers of "New Age" religions.

Later, I read the booklet about Jebus coming back in 1988, even though then I could see, in my mind's eye, the calendar for January , 2000 and thinking, hmm, I bet we're still around. And here we are.

Texe Marrs says in this video that a tatoo will probably be the "mark of the beast". Well, I remember when barcodes caused a fervor when they first came out, and now we've got RFID chips. We may yet end up with a mark "without which men cannot buy or sell". Hmmm. My husband would love this as he's always misplacing his wallet. Get a chip implanted under the skin and just wave it in front of a reader when you buy something? Great idea!


Anonymous said...

At one point, I remember the social security number as being touted as the mark of the beast... And, as a child growing up, I read the late great planet earth also... I suppose the doomsdayers gave up on that, after they found out that the government wouldn't support their welfare needs without the SSN, funny how money changes perception ;-)

Anonymous said...

The mark of the beast is just another scare tactic to instill fear into the gullible and ignorant christians. Just typical bible bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Someday you all who turn your back on the Lord Jesus christ will one day bow before Him begging for forgiveness and it will be too late. I know all through history we read and see movies on the Lord coming back. he still is coming back we do not know the day or hour but rest assure he is comming back for his church. Get your life in order we are seeing things take place right before out eyes and still we go on with our sinning and mocking. Please read your Bible and pray. God bless you all.

webmdave said...

Fear. Fear. Fear.

Be afraid.

Jebus is coming back, and he's pissed!


But HE loves you!

But, if you don't love him back, HE's going to cook your ass for all eternity. You won't be able to repent, you won't find mercy, you won't even be able to die!

You infidels. You heinous unbelievers. You are going to Effing fry!



Anonymous said...

Anonymous chickenshit,

Let’s correct your posting so it reads the way you obviously meant it…

“I believe someday you all who turn your back on the Lord Jesus christ will one day bow before Him begging for forgiveness and it will be too late. Ha-ha, serves you right you scum bags…rejecting my Jesus, how dare you! I will be happy to watch all of you burn in a lake of fire. I believe that regardless of the evidence, all through history we read and see movies that human beings created, that the Lord is coming back. I SO want to believe that he still is coming back! I can paraphrase a bible passage that states we do not know the day or hour but rest assured, I believe he is coming back for his church, I really do! I am upset that you have offended my belief system so I am demanding that you get your life in order to appease me. I am convinced by nothing other than my believing that we are seeing things take place right before our eyes and still we go on with our sinning and mocking. If only you’ll do what I think is best for all of humankind and that is to please read your Bible and pray. It doesn’t do me any good either but it makes me feel good and that’s all that matters to me. I will end this with God bless you all but what I really mean is Go to HELL you Atheist bastards!”

There. That’s more in line with your cretinous thinking!

Anonymous said...

Ahh, there's nothing more poetic than the condescending tripe of a self-righteous fundy!

I wonder where exactly did they heard such foolish nonsense???

Let me think....hmmm oh yea, the byebill!

Anonymous said...

Damn, I was too late..
"This video has been removed due to copyright infringement."
Repost anyone? :p

Anonymous said...

Peace to All,
Its not that the Lamb is not coming back, its that he is going to be born again like the stars and hosts are in the vision of Daniel 8:9-14 which was kept secret for these days. The Doors sang about it in Riders on the Storm, ' Into this world we are thrown, into this house we are born." And Rock and Rollis the 7 Peals of Thunder sealed up in Revelation 10. Those 2 Prophets in Rev 11 (One of which was John Lennon, and the other Michael of Daniel 12:1 and the child of Rev. 12. Michael must never go tot the big apple.) are shown in heaven to Zechariah in Zec. 4.

webmdave said...

OK, you win, anony. Your post is the weirdest of the new year.

Anonymous said...

AW this is all a bunch shit that someone made up. screw the mayan calendar. Well look at the proof those idiots said the world would end in 2000 look wer still HERE..
they also said that the apocolypse would happen in June 6th 2006.. LOOK WE ARE STILL HERE! 2012 is only five years away and we wont just die for No damn reason. on december 22 the sun will rise and u will think why you came to believe bullshit that some old decrepit little man MADE UP!! Live your damn lives and enjoy cause we arent going anywhere.. The only thing we got to worry about is CHINA cas they are the fags that want to be our rivals in economy. The only thing you need to worry about is whats going on now.

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