The Origins of Christmas

A 45-minute video clearly showing that that roots of Christmas celebrations extend to thousands of years before the birth of Christianity.

A short 10 minute podcast by Brett Keane:


YME said...

I seriously need a coke now. That was a good video, very informational. However, I would have liked if they would have included the new induction of the secular celebration of solstice that Atheists around the world have now been practicing.

Anonymous said...

A true Christmas Story! Thank you for this! I did see some mention of Solstice in there. Though I admit I haven't seen many "new" types of traditions really.

Anonymous said...

Where can I get a copy of this movie?

Anonymous said...

Brett Keane's Rantings
Brett Keane has presented lot of information about the origins of Christmas. Good job! Santa Claus became the mind occupier around the Christmas time more than Jesus. It is true that Christmas has pagan origins. In the Bible God commanded us to celebrate festivals like Passover. He told us the exact time of the year to celebrate it. Therefore, the reason that GOd did not give us a date for the birth of Christ is that He does not want to us to celebrate the birth of Christ. Christianity engaged in things God did not command like Santa Claus. We should look at Christ, our Savior and praise Him all around the year, not just around CHristmas time.
Brett Keanes observations are good, but He missed the reason for the reason: Jesus Christ, our Lord.

webmdave said...

Jesus Christ is imaginary, just like Santa.

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