My history of cinema teacher is now damned to hell

By Ian

A few hours ago, my history of cinema teacher, according to fundamentalist doctrine, cemented her place in hell for all eternity. She is now, according to doctrine, damned for eternity, condemned to a place of eternal pain, torture, and, if you believe it, fire. She will be eternally separated from God, never again to see her loved ones, to see her friends or family.

She is a kind, cheerful individual who isn't afraid to joke around. She's really a nice, good person who by no means should go to eternal punishment. But alas, according to Christian fundamentalists, she's now damned for eternity.

I don't know if she's a Christian or not, or if she has accepted Jesus as her lord and savior. After what she did, she'll definitely need it.

How do I know that she's damned? Well, go take a look at this survey (warning: Fundamentalist christian ideas ahead designed to scare you, induce guilt, make you feel like a rotten individual, so on and so forth. In other words, typical stuff. Proceed with caution).

If you take the survey (It would be a good idea not to do so), and if you're an honest person, you will no doubt answer truthfully that yes, you have been envious of things others have, that you have had sexual fantasies about women you don't know, and that you've lied about others. What does this bible-themed site have to say about that?
The Bible says if you have broken even one of the commandments you are guilty of breaking all of the law. You, Satan, are a sinner and the punishment is death, an eternity in hell... but wait!!

Before you ask, I entered Satan's name as a joke. But take a closer look at that statement...

The Bible says if you have broken even one of the commandments you are guilty of breaking all of the law.

Doesn't that seem a little odd? If you break even one law, you've broken all of them. That's comparable to saying "Because you've spoken slander about that person and harmed their reputation, you are guilty of slander, murder, theft, grand theft auto, resisting arrest, taking marijuana, taking drugs, harboring illegal immigrants, plotting to assassinate the president..." etc, etc. This type of justice is insane. Yes, you may have committed slander, but you certainly are not guilty of possessing drugs or plotting to assassinate the president. In our society, would it not be a bit crazy if someone broke one law and was thus charged with breaking every single law in the books? That would be insane.

If God is perfect and just...would he really use that same type of justice? Wouldn't his system of justice be better then our own, human made system of justice? Wouldn't it be more fair, more just, and would be reconciling? Wouldn't that make more sense?

One christian friend of mine once told me that the reason we have to accept Jesus is because no faults are allowed in heaven. I have commented on this before, but I will say it again. Wouldn't a perfect God be better then we are? Wouldn't this God be more just?

Doesn't the God found in the bible, in this fundamentalist survey, seem like a really sick, sadistic individual who mercilessly slams down damnation for breaking even one law? Wouldn't a perfect God be...better then that?

The God found in that website (the one with the survey), is without a doubt a man-made invention designed to control people and scare them. No perfect, loving God could possibly condemn people to an eternity in hell simply for making one mistake. And don't pay attention to what fundamentalist apologists say, for there is NO reason to justify it. None whatsoever.

In a way, it's amusing how that survey ends with this:

Now go into the world and live as one who has been rescued from the flames of hell by a merciful Creator! Warn those who rebel against God and bless those who persecute you for it. Take every opportunity to be a blessing to those around you. Live Holy lives because God is Holy.

This holy and merciful creator condemns people to eternal hell for making a single mistake? Well, the christian bible does warn about idols...

You're probably wondering why my teacher is condemned to hell. The answer is...she joked to a student about "God help you if you sign up to re-take a quiz and don't show up! Oh my lord!" And because she took holy, loving and merciful God's name in vain (Lord), she's now going to be ripped apart by demons for all of eternity, as well as possibly be barbecued and roasted alive for all eternity.

And now the big question...does anyone with a rational mind see the problem here?

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