Questions for former Christians, on YouTube

Recently an atheist (The Amazing Atheist) posed questions to ex-Christians regarding what being a Christian was like and how it compares to no longer following Christianity. 16 video responses are included here. If you decide to post a video response, contact the webmaster with the URL to your video and it will be added to this list.


Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as an ex-christian! You are in a fools paradise to think such. None exist!

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as denial. You are in a fools paradise to think such. It doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said:

"You are in a fools paradise"

I'm thinking at least he doesn't relegate us to hell. He lets us into Paradise. Since Paradise and fool are subjective values, we can each make it what we want to. I've been labeled a fool all my life by certain IQ levels, and I'm quite happy being that kind of fool. If Paradise means the absense of folk like anony here, then it suits me just fine. I'll be quite happy with Legion Regalis for company.

I'm finally cluing in why some people are so stuck on there being no such thing as an exChristian. A certain strain of Calvinism says once you're a Christian you can never become not a Christian. They think this is in the same way we can never become not a daughter or son of the parents who brought us into the world.

While it is true that we can never change our biological constitution, and that we get it from our sperm and egg donors and other forebears, there are ways to undo the legal and social bonds and obligations. If we must use the biological parent-child bond for an analogy, it takes no stretch of the imagination to extend the analogy to revoke the bonds with God.

Not that these people will ever accept the analogy. Their emotional need to retain it at all costs is simply too great. But that does not change fact.

RSM said...

I, RubySera, posted the above long post by anonymous. I'm having a bit of trouble with technology. and somehow it got posted under anonymous. My apologies!

Anonymous said...

anon: "There is no such thing as an ex-christian! You are in a fools paradise to think such. None exist! "

Ok I'll buy that, we are True Christians, and you are a fundamental psychotic!

Anonymous said...

No such thing as an ex-christian? Have you not read or listened to the testimonies of ex-christians? Or do you think we are fucking liars when we say that we were once strong Christians? I have watched the first video response so far and the guy there said he was a really hardcore Christian. Tell me, is he lying?? I once had a desire to be an evangelist. No non-Christian could want that. Go on, call me a fucking liar. You bunch of Christians who think like that REALLY piss me off with your bullshit.

Anonymous said...

The first anonymous poster is a sad, pathetic little person who is acting on a defense mechanism to protect his or her very fragile ego.

Those who claim there is no such thing as an ex-christian know they are lying. Their problem is that they actually doubt their own religion while still holding on to an irrational belief in hell fire. Realizing that christianity is irrational yet still fearing divine retribution, they try to shield themselves by keeping up the pretense in their own minds that they can never lose their "salvation."

It's a painful condition. But, as many of the testimonies on this site attest, it's often the first step to throwing off the sickness of christinsanity and becoming a fully sane human being.

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