Let the bodies hit the floor!

Christianity provides a perfectly rational way to view the world. Right?

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Anonymous said...

lol, i saw this on youtube, but i think it was removed due to copyright issues, of using benny hinn's face and footage. The sound syncing was spot on and almost jumped off my chair when he said 'floor', 9s into the vid.

Bob said...

Religious insanity knows no limits...I saw Peter Popoff has now taken up Benny Hinn's Head bashing salvation technique.
If you remember, Peter Popoff was the preacher that James Randi exposed on the Johnne Carson show a few years back. Popoff was using a radio to receive 'secret' information forwerded by his wife.
P.T.Barnam's observation that a sucker is born every minute must be the understatement of the age.

vjack said...

Nice. How about this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rM2Xz72vHhU

twincats said...

vjack: I've seen that cussin' preacher before, but in the clip you reference, I noticed that he looks to be holding a phone book, complete with yellow pages. Whut up wit dat?

Anonymous said...

I saw a segment where a woman was "healed" and then, through tears of gratitude proclaimed, "Thank you, Benny Hill!" He immediately corrected her, "No, Benny Hill was a bad man. I am Benny HINN..." Hey, we don't happen to have THAT one on video, by chance... ;)

Anonymous said...

Charlatans! Poisonous, monstrous, inexcusable VILLAINS! I despise scum like him who give false hope to people who are ill and at the ends of the ropes (and reason) and who, coincidentally, PROFIT from it! They lack even the poor excuse of THINKING they are doing the right thing...they know what they're doing. Twice contempible pieces of fecal matter!

There is no curse in any language, secular OR religious for "people" like that.

-Monk (MG)

Yukkione said...

While I agree with Monk about the despicable nature of people Like Hinn. I can't also help thinking how just plain stupid so many people are. Sheeple, thats what they are...Sheeple.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the old black/white videos of an Aikido master demonstration, lol.

Unknown said...

I can't stand Benny Hinn. I liked Benny Hill. Even as a Christian I thought Benny Hinn was over-the-top. Now he's plain ludicrous.

gusdafa said...

Why are the guys who catch the bodies not falling down as well? Do they have special anti-holy-spirit armor on?

Anonymous said...

lol, i wonder if there is a benny hinn vid with benny hill soundtrack.
yes there is:

this is a short vid by someone else.

Anonymous said...

prakster said...
lol, i wonder if there is a benny hinn vid with benny hill soundtrack.
yes there is:


I would suggest after one is done laughing at this comic video of benny, that they then watch the one on youtube called "Benny Hinn Exposed", for a very serious look at what this man does with the $200 million dollars he cheats people out of each year. He never cures one single person and yet lives the life of a king, and all tax free because it's a 'church'.

I feel horrible that he deludes all these folks with serious medical conditions into thinking he can cure them, some of which will die because they put their BLIND faith in his idiot, instead of doctors.
[ One young, innocent, believing girl in this video will tear at your heart ]

The video ask a closing important question. Is benny deluded and really thinks he's curing all these people, while enjoying the 'power' of it all, or does he know he's lying and cheating, but just doesn't care.

I wonder the same about most of the famous preachers that use innocent folk's money to get 'high on power'.

I bet benny has someone shave his face each day, because he can no longer stand to look in a mirror at the human man who knows he's not stealing money for Jesus, but for his own lavish lifestyle.

I don't understand how such men like this can be allowed to make the miracle claims they do, while collecting huge sums of money, and be untouchable by any laws we have.

Something is very wrong with this picture, yes?????


Anonymous said...

to atheist tooth fairy,

I agree with you absolutely! I had seen that video. Apparently, he only picks 'clients' who have a disease that is not very obvious, or not of genetic disease. I had also found out that one family were escorted to the fire exit and walked (not thrown) out. Also the hotel staff he was entertained by got approx $2000 in tips, but a single mother with a baby gets $20. That was on his accounts. He has his name in flipping 18k gold thread.

I agree with 'monk', while I am good at cussing peoples' mothers and family and religion and so on, I literally am braindead, I just cannot think of a better or appropriate words/expressions to describe these fraudsters.

And also, you have those to try to see the little thread of 'hope' that this spritiual garbage is true. They will make excuses upon excuses. They just give me a headache.

I am recording 'enemies of reason' from Channel 4 in the UK. I recorded the first one last monday, I hope to watch the next one next monday.

Anywho I wish you all luck that somehow your near and dear ones will see the light, the real light and not the flipping candle or torch held by these fraudsters.

Anonymous said...

post note: by light I mean the truth, by truth I mean physical reality. I too, am an atheist,(probably a hardcore one). I accept the laws of physics, nuclear physics, biology, and chemistry (altho I don't understand chemistry as much as biology and physics) and not forgetting maths!

Psychology is also interesting btw.

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