A Prayer for Haiti

By the Avangelism Project

Haiti EarthquakeImage by United Nations Development Programme via Flickr

I was thinking about how I might have addressed the tragedy in Haiti as a pastor and this prayer is what I came up with.

Scary how easy it is to come up with pious sounding words that simultaneously play on guilt and pride when you know the jargon.

Dear Holy Father God in heaven,

We look at the devastation in Haiti with horror and confess to sinfully wondering why and how you would allow this to happen.

Yet we know that indeed your ways are higher than our ways and your thoughts higher than our thoughts. Forgive us, merciful father, for our presumptuous questioning of your divine and perfect ways.

We confess it is that very sinful desire to be as God hatched in that first Adam’s heart that wrought sin and death and despair into this world. And we rejoice that second Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ, has conquered the very sin and death that horrifies us this day.

We delight, Father than in Christ, all things—even those things we cannot understand, even those things that horrify us, even those things the wicked would use to besmirch your name—indeed, Holy God, that ALL things work together for good for those that love that same Lord Jesus Christ and are called in him according to your glorious purpose.

In Him, Father, we pray for your divine grace to shine forth and for your glory to be revealed unto men. We pray that in this tragedy the wisdom of men may be made foolishness, that sin and death may be swallowed up in victory, and that every knee might bend and every tongue confess that Christ is Lord of all things, to the praise of your glorious grace.

May it be so for Christ’s sake, by whom, in whom, and for whom all things were made and through whom all things continue to be. Now and forever.


What do you think? A lot of manipulation, huh?

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