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9/24/2006                                                                                       View Comments

Colbert Report on Evolution vs Creationism

Colbert interviews science educator Ken Miller regarding the "debate" (or lack thereof) between evolution and the junk science know as "Intelligent Design."


SpaceMonk said...

lol. That Occam's Razor line was brilliant.

boomSLANG said...

Ya gotta love it!...a Catholic/creationist who believes in evolution! The "evolution" of Christianity!

Lorena said...

Great clip! I love the Colbert Report. The guy is so good at playing the fundy part. It's down right hilarious.

Ivan said...

It's always quite strange in my feelings, that such a humorous, scientific thinking guy can be a christian.

This guy looks in the bible, and is not ashamed of its brutal god, is not ashamed about all the stupidity that can be found in there.

I mean, great that there are not only fundis outside, also liberal christians, but my question is:

How can such a smart and nice guy look into the bible and not see it as a cruel, anti-human piece of crap?

I wonder, I wonder...

freedy said...

The bible is sort of a wacky mirror,..people see what they want in it,projecting into it their own brutality. They then relate even more to the violent,vengeful and
anti-human traits of their bible god!

Nobody Special said...

The Bible is more or less nothing more than a book of stories. Some bear a resembelence to actual events, like most myths, but were manipulated by human creativity and imagingation into a truth of life that was commonly accepted by uneducated (especially by today's standards) and often ignorant people. The difference between stories of today and then is that today we are more capable of telling reality from fantasy.