A critical analysis of Kent Hovind's "Age of the Earth"

Kent E. Hovind (born January 15, 1953) is an American evangelist and prominent "Young Earth" creationist who is currently offering US$250,000 to anyone who can prove evolution "is the only possible way" that the universe and life arose, although his numerous critics consider the challenge to be spurious because evolutionary theory has nothing to say about how the universe came about or how life began. The self-styled "Dr. Dino" (whose Ph.D, from an unaccredited university, is in Christian education) established the Creation Science Evangelism Ministry in 1989. Hovind now speaks frequently in schools, churches, university debates and on radio and television broadcasts, and is the subject of controversy and public scrutiny. He is currently charged with 58 federal crimes, including separate counts of making threats against federal officials, filing false complaints and tax evasion.

This video is a critical analysis of the first of Kent Hovind's lecture series on evolution. This video exposes some of the half-truths, misconceptions, and outright lies propagated by Kent Hovind as proof against the Theory of Evolution. However, little in this first lecture has anything to do with the Theory of Evolution, running to tangents that have nothing to do with science whatsoever. Many of these tangents, as well as Hovind's distasteful jokes, have been removed. All of his pseudo-scientific arguments remain intact.

The video is approximately 25 minutes long.

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