Amazing Grace

You'll never be able to hear this song the same way again.

Religion and relationships is next. And this is Sarah Silverman.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That was OK, but this;

Now that's funny, Sick, but funny.

Anonymous said...

Strange, kind of tasteless, but sort of artistic and funny.

Who is she? she seems interesting.

Avie said...

Huh. Oooo-kay...

Personally, I didn't find that overly amusing. I think the only reason I didn't is because Amazing Grace was being played at my grandfather's gravesite. I suppose in my mind, it's more connected with him than it is with god or jesus. (My grandfather was a good, kind man who died too soon for everyone who knew him. He was very spiritual, not religious.)

But, personal rememberances of Papaw aside, it was very inventive performance and that singer certainly has every right to express herself however she wants! (Wonder if she does the same thing with some of those insipid praise choruses? You know, the ones that consist of the word hallelujah over and over again, like it's actual lyrics, but it's just a chant word that's been used over and over again so much that it lost its meaning a long time ago?)

webmdave said...

This is Sarah Silverman.

Anonymous said...

That's Jimmy Kimmels old lady!
She is freakin hilarius.

The music for "Amazing Disgrace" was an old bar melody centuries ago,....I guess S.S.finally found the original lyrics!

I always hated that song,gaud knows I've had to perform it 1,000,000 times or more,...yuck!

P.S. If this offends you then your on the wrong site!

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