Do You Honestly Expect Me to Believe…

by Ben Cartwright

Does anyone who supports the idea that the Bible is infallible honestly expect me to believe that…

…God created the world, knowing full well that most of us would end up burning in eternal hell?

…he created it teeming with all sorts of amazing plant and animal life, including dinosaurs, and then shortly thereafter flooded it all and destroyed a devastating amount of them?

…by flooding the world in the way he did, he created a fossil record which clearly seems to indicate that the world is extremely old, yet doesn’t want us to believe this?

…God also created the stars so that light from them would appear to be millions of years old, deceiving us once again?

…he wrote a book which is very similar to all other creation and religious mythology, yet expects us to separate this book from the others and see it as perfect and holy? And if we don’t see that, we go to hell?

…Jesus came and died on a cross so that people wouldn’t have to go to hell, yet people keep going? Swing, and a miss!

…God thinks it’s fine for Bible-believing Christians to believe what they are taught and never ask any meaningful questions, but expects people in all other religions to question their foundational beliefs and assumptions enough to rip themselves out of their religion and culture and believe in the Bible? He expects them to go through this process, but not us? (oh yeah… because we’re “right” and they’re “wrong”… I forgot)

…God wrote a perfect book containing all that we need for our lives, yet no one can agree on what that book really says? (even on crucial hell-determining factors like salvation!)

…God is all-powerful, but can’t keep us out of hell? (if it is not God’s desire that anyone should perish, then no one should… he’s God!! He can have what he wants!!)

…God would make it this complicated to know him?

Perhaps if he creates another world, he will learn from his mistakes and just spell out “I am here. Believe in me so you won’t go to hell” in the stars. Or maybe he’ll just write, “Sorry for any inconvenience.”
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