What really happened to the Titanic?

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Anonymous said...

i think you should take that video off it is really offencive

cdmon said...

Anony, If you don't like what's on tv you change the channel. If you don't like what see on this site, you're only a few mouse clicks away from a bible study site or a gay porn site, whatever your fancy.

I think this video is humorous, and if a vote were taken on this site you'd be out numbered.

Typical of a fundy to piss and moan about someone's artistic endeavors. Don't like it, leave!


Anonymous said...

i dont like it. how could you do something like that, i find that really offensive


i dont think anonymous would be outnumbered, u will be! every1 h8's u! this is supposed to be a factual site not a joke! what r u doin u fool!

Anonymous said...

i dont like that vido because of the way it is that is sick to the people that realy care about the people how was killed in the titanic

Jim Arvo said...

You are so articulate, Anonymous.

Rot8ing Anode said...

Anony #1.. Welcome to the internet, where anything goes and your opinion means less than nothing. BTW... I find it offensive that you cannot spell "offensive".

Anony #2.. Cry us a river.. Bitch and complain all you like.. Try your hardest to make everyone think like you do inside your feeble little mind. Why not write your congressman and tell him how you believe our freedom of speech & expression should be limited because you don't like it.

Both of you... How does it feel to know for a fact that no matter what you do you will have no effect upon the goings on of this website and many others like it??? If you would like to live in a place where things like this are regulated, I would suggest Iran. In fact I will buy your plane ticket and send you on your way.

Bon Voyage!!

Anonymous said...

"i don't like that video because of the way it is that is sick to people who realy care about the people how was killed in the titanic."

.....and i don't not like it wen parants let there 6 year old childrens play on the computre wen they aint home!


Anonymous said...

yes it rocks

Anonymous said...

this it the most redickuless ting i av eva seen u av no respect 4 da people that died on the titanic coz u r takin da piss out if it shame on u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steven Bently said...

The only reason that the Titanic sank is because someone told the crew that it could not be sunk, and they were stupid enough to believe them.

Just like the bible, someone says it's true and it's all a lie, but are you stupid enough to believe the lie?

People tend to put credence in other people, instead of proven facts.

Anonymous said...

that was so fuuny
yeah thats probaly what happened
and fuck the other people who find it offensive

Anonymous said...

this site is wicked:p harrh harrh!

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