The Naked Truth

Someone who calls himself Ikhyun wrote this:
“Hey Dave wake up! I'm only 20 years old but sorryyour lack of maturity someone your age scares me. It's you that need God. God doesn't need you; if you've abandoned Christianity and you've got your valid reasons, that's that. However the way you've displayed pictures of obscene pictures of Jesus engaged in sexual acts shows that you are still just an infant crying out for attention. Let me prophesy; although you're probably three times my age I can say this to you; if you live your life for yourself rather than for Christ, you will one day be at the end of your journey and look back on your life and see that all that you have done in this world were for your own selfish motives, and you will pass into oblivion knowing that it could have been so much more. Your ex-brother until you come back to Christ. Really; I hope you see you in heaven Dave.”
I want to use this interesting post as a jumping off point for the following observations:

It seems to me that the decision to become a believer, or remain a believer, is almost entirely emotional in nature. Now I know there will be detractors that read this and argue that they made a conscious choice to devote their life to Christ based on very rational and well thought out reasons. I used to say the same thing. In fact I read dozens and dozens of apologetic authors in order to bolster my claim to being an intellectual Christian. It took me years to realize that the only people who read apologetics are Christians. At the same time I woke up to the fact that the reason I was reading so many apologetics was because I had so many serious doubts. I wanted to satisfy my rational brain with the assurance that I was not simply fooling myself with all the Christian hype. I wanted to believe, so I found ways to make myself believe. I made an emotional decision.

The comment quoted above is like so many others that passing Christians like to leave when they stumble upon this site. It is filled with harsh criticism, overly zealous religious curses (prayers), accusations, judgments concerning the possible motivation for any or all of the site, etc. It is, briefly, an emotional response.

It seems to me that if there were a god somewhere, one little website is likely to attract very little attention in the scheme of things. It also seems to me that if the silly pictures on this site should they raise the wrath of this supposed deity to levels implied by this loving servant of the Lord, well then HE is way to petty for my, or anyone else's, attention. Now, I will admit that some of the comical pictures displayed here may be less than tasteful to some people. You have no argument from me there. However, there are so many significantly more obscene pictures floating out there on the web. Daily I receive several dozen Spam ads filled with pictures far and above more obscene than this whole site put together. I wonder if the Christian quoted above writes to all those people denouncing their vile images? Or does it really have nothing to do with the pictures themselves, as much as the caricature of JC depicted in the pictures? Once again, this Christian makes an emotional response. He defends his pet god by drawing allusions to my eventual abiding place in the horrible torture chamber of his no-nonsense, can't ever laugh at himself, no sense of humor, easily offended and pissed off celestial being.

As far as my being an infant crying out for attention, I wonder if the person who converts to Christianity after a lifetime of atheism and then goes about preaching on the evils of an atheistic lifestyle would be considered an infant crying out for attention? I wonder if the converted Jehovah Witness who goes about exposing the fallacies of the JW cult is an infant crying out for attention? Really, in the Christian mind, it is anyone who publicly states that Christianity is bunk who is considered the infant. When a Christian goes about condemning everything they disagree with, that's mature.

Now about these obscene Jesus pics:

1) When Adam and Eve were without sin, did they wear clothes? Since the answer is no, then why did Jesus wear clothes? I thought he was sinless.
2) When Adam and Eve were without sin, did they have sex? If not, why not? Is sex part of the fall, and therefore sinful, or what?
3) Did Jesus have a penis or not? Was he sexual or asexual? Was he a real human male?

The Bible says that Jesus was about 30 years old when he was baptized by his cousin John and started telling his cute stories around the countryside. Although the text doesn’t say for sure, the implication is that he was unmarried. It is also assumed that he was a virgin. There is no mention of his cousin John being married either. John had to be about 31 or so, according to the information provided in the gospels, so I guess he was celibate for life as well. Is it any wonder that the early Christians started orders of celibate monks, priests and nuns? It appears that real Christian holy men, didn’t have sex. So is sex sinful? Would it have been wrong for Jesus to have a wife? In a time when death came early to most people, still being single at the age of 30 must have appeared quite odd. Rightly or wrongly, even today a 30 year old virgin male, unless he is a Catholic priest, is looked on with some misgiving. In fact, a 30 year old man who has never been with a woman in his life is usually suspected of being homosexual to the outside observer. I wonder if Jesus’ apparent lack of interest in the opposite sex raised any eyebrows? No wonder the Christian religion is so filled with sexual repression. The founder of the movement apparently found the whole propagation of the species thing something to be avoided.

I suppose Jesus had all the same bodily functions common to any normal man. He urinated, defecated, and had B.O. most of the time. Bathing was not commonplace, toilet paper was non-existent, deodorant wouldn’t be invented for centuries and good sanitation was completely unknown. He slept outdoors and probably didn’t own a change of clothes. I am sure Jesus’ associates saw him nude on occasion. Bathing and baptism was done in public streams ,when they were done at all, and the cumbersome robes would be stripped off. Fishing was often done in the nude (see #13). Athletic competitions were performed in the nude. People were not crucified with diapers on. They were stripped naked and hung up for all to see. Am I a nudist? No. The point is, Jesus had a male body with all the accoutrements. He was not some angelic spirit being without sexual organs. He was a man. He was either a celibate religionist or some form of a non-heterosexual. Consequently the oldest form of Christianity, the Catholic Church, considers celibacy a requirement for the highest order of devoted religious service. It might also be noted that for centuries the priesthood has had a fair share of non-heterosexual practices going on in its ranks. Historically the Jews never held life long celibacy in any esteem whatsoever. The Essences, a sizable Jewish sect of the first century revered a celibate lifestyle, and I believe this is actually where the idea of a virgin savior unsoiled by the evils of sexual union can find its source. The Cousins who founded Christianity could very well have been heavily influenced by the Essence cult.

The point with all the artwork, comedy, sarcasm, and so forth displayed on this puny site is to stimulate thinking outside the confining box that Christianity has attempted to erect around the minds of those who were once seduced by its mesmerizing influence. If unclothed pictures of Thor, Zeus or Ra were to be posted here, no one would say boo. No Christian thinks those characters are gods, so no emotions are all stirred up.

I’ve got news friend Christian, Jesus is not a god either.

I admit that I live my life for myself, everyone does. It is called the survival instinct. You live your life so that you can rest assured that you will survive death in a wonderful place you call heaven. That, my ex-brother, is also living for yourself.

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