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10/18/2006                                                                                       View Comments

The truth

Christians believe they have the truth. Muslims believe they have the truth. Each will tell the other that hell is their destiny, that eternal torture awaits those who refuse th embrace to truth. God is a righteous judge, they both say, and will recompense the unbelievers.

To a Christian, this service will look and sound whacked. But compared to a television broadcast in a charismatic mega-church....


snowlion said...

It's strange I am an exchristian and against relgions in general...but that was a really nice service. I loved how they sang out the words...beautiful.

Bentley said...

The Bible and Koran holds..."Gospel Truth"...what people..."Want" believe, such as demons, angels, etc. because it says it is true, it is not relevant to reality and obvious truth.

To believe the Bible or Koran, one must have..."Faith"...a false hope that the Bible and Koran are true, one must reject obvious reality and accept the Bible and Koran on a false and pretentious faith to form a..."belief".

Both books need to be destroyed and removed from this planet as soon as possible!

Anonymous said...

Friend, Only one awnser is needed to any christian who tells you that the bible holds all knowledge of value; "Numbers 31" tell the bastard to go home and read it (though if their jehovah's jerkoffs chances are they have a mini-bible on them, which means you get to see their faces...), if he doesn't deconvert the very next day then he never will.

Anonymous said...

That's grade-A brainwashing right there, classic.

On a side note, that guy totaly missed his calling, with a voice like that he could have been a pop music sensation ;)