Interviewing God


TastyPaper said...

Wow, I love it. The guys at God Is Imaginary have done it again!

Steven Bently said...

Dear God I know you exist, because I can hear myself talking to you, and others claim to talk to you on a daily basis, therefore I know you must exist.

Since it's not your will that anyone should perish, I would like to thank you for designing those built-in atrocious diseases we all get, since day one from birth, our bodies begin to break down and we all begin to die and rot and decay and wither away.

We must have inoculations from diseases, our teeth rot and decay, we get colds and influenza, mumps, measels, chicken pox, cancer, arthritis, alzheimers, and get old, our hair turns grey and we begin to look like an old shriveled-up plum, yet if we do not believe in you and tell others how wonderful you are, then you will send us to hell for eternity.

Way to go God! How wonderful it seems that you must be. It's no wonder so many must have imaginary faith to believe in you.

BTW God, is there anything else you can do for us? I would certainly hope not!

jimearl said...

Stanleys post caught my attention. Our teeth do decay and rot and we lose them in various ways. However, I don't recall any healing services in church where the pastor or anyone else would pray for new teeth for someone. If "God" were real, new teeth would be no problem. After all, he can cure anything else. From now on when I hear someone talking about Gods healing power, I will mention I have a couple of teeth missing and would they pray that God would provide for my missing teeth to grow back. When that happens, I will no longer be a part of this website.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Stanley - My gray hair looks hot, just ask my husband!

But yeah, why should sharks get an unlimited supply of new teeth and not us? Why can't we grow new body parts like lizards can with their tails?

Guess God (who we all know is busy) has to put some things on autopilot! LOL...

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim,
Sorry to hear your missing teeth. Can you believe I had 4 extra ones sawed out of my jaw!
He also gave me an appendix wich is like an extra pocket in the intestine to collect junk so it becomes infected and kills you. Yup had to have that cut out too.
God is such a practical joker. Giving us stuff we don't need.

boomSLANG said...

God is such a practical joker. Giving us stuff we don't need.

Yeah, I bet the Siamese dude with an extra PERSON growing out of his head is laughing himself pissless. "Thanks God!" D'oh!


Anonymous said...

Yes, they know God is imaginary. I go past a church outside Princeton, NJ a few times a week that has a huge banner in front of it which says... What if it's true?

That has to be one of the most moronic solicitations I've seen. Come pretend with us, just in case God is real.

freeman said...

Take a picture of the church with the banner and post it. I think that would be a great article that we can discuss how they know it is all just make believe!

Anonymous said...


I just saw your post. I'll try to get a picture in the next few days. I'm kinda busy at the moment, but I'll find the time. I laugh every time I pass it.

south2003 said...

"God is such a practical joker. Giving us stuff we don't need."

Another practical joke from God:

Let’s consider the Baline Whale for a second. Gracefull and majestic..... AND EQUIPT WITH A PELVIS AND FEMUR!


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